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Concept Radiotherapy Dosage
Academic Article Monte Carlo dose calculations for high-dose-rate brachytherapy using GPU-accelerated processing.
Academic Article A GPU OpenCL based cross-platform Monte Carlo dose calculation engine (goMC).
Academic Article An analytic linear accelerator source model for GPU-based Monte Carlo dose calculations.
Academic Article Patient-specific dosimetric endpoints based treatment plan quality control in radiotherapy.
Academic Article Automatic commissioning of a GPU-based Monte Carlo radiation dose calculation code for photon radiotherapy.
Academic Article A DVH-guided IMRT optimization algorithm for automatic treatment planning and adaptive radiotherapy replanning.
Academic Article GPU-based Monte Carlo radiotherapy dose calculation using phase-space sources.
Academic Article Automatic treatment plan re-optimization for adaptive radiotherapy guided with the initial plan DVHs.
Academic Article Moving GPU-OpenCL-based Monte Carlo dose calculation toward clinical use: Automatic beam commissioning and source sampling for treatment plan dose calculation.
Academic Article A new approach to integrate GPU-based Monte Carlo simulation into inverse treatment plan optimization for proton therapy.
Academic Article Initial development of goCMC: a GPU-oriented fast cross-platform Monte Carlo engine for carbon ion therapy.
Academic Article A new Monte Carlo-based treatment plan optimization approach for intensity modulated radiation therapy.
Academic Article A prediction model for dosimetric-based lung adaptive radiotherapy.
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