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overview Jasmin Tiro is a Professor in the Department of Public Health Sciences and Associate Director of Cancer Prevention and Population Science for the University of Chicago Medicine Comprehensive Cancer Center. She is a behavioral scientist focused in cancer care delivery research. Her program of research identifies multi-level determinants of cancer prevention and early detection behaviors (e.g., HPV vaccination; breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer screening; hepatocellular cancer surveillance) and uses quantitative and qualitative (mixed) methods to develop, test, and implement interventions. The availability of screening tests to detect breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer early and the HPV vaccine to prevent HPV-related cancers are great public health accomplishments; however, there are segments of the population that still do not receive the full benefits of these behaviors. All of these health behaviors require individuals to interact with health care provider teams and systems. Effective interventions must take into account the local community and policy context and must be easy to implement and sustain. Further, as new technologies (e.g., home-based HPV self-screening) prove effective and are incorporated into clinical guidelines, the need for appropriate and effective communications to transfer knowledge from “bench to bedside” will be even greater in order to maximize the potential of these new technologies in reducing cancer morbidity and mortality. Dr. Tiro's research is at the interface of intervention and implementation science, requires engagement of diverse communities, and is dedicated to promoting equity in cancer outcomes.
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Concept Health Behavior
Academic Article Understanding impediments and enablers to physical activity among African American adults: a systematic review of qualitative studies.
Academic Article Competitive testing of health behavior theories: how do benefits, barriers, subjective norm, and intention influence mammography behavior?
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Academic Article Human papillomavirus vaccine use among adolescent girls and young adult women: an analysis of the 2007 California Health Interview Survey.
Academic Article Impediments and facilitators to physical activity and perceptions of sedentary behavior among urban community residents: the Fair Park Study.
Academic Article Understanding how mothers of adolescent girls obtain information about the human papillomavirus vaccine: associations between mothers' health beliefs, information seeking, and vaccination intentions in an ethnically diverse sample.
Academic Article Some methodologic lessons learned from cancer screening research.
Grant Developing a self-persuasion intervention promoting adolescent HPV vaccination
Academic Article Use of Health Behavior Theory in Funded Grant Proposals: Cancer Screening Interventions as a Case Study.
Academic Article Measurement of Perceived Risk of Developing Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Literature Review.
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