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Concept Oncogenes
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-bcl-2
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins B-raf
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-kit
Concept Proto-Oncogene Proteins p21(ras)
Academic Article The biology and clinical development of MEK inhibitors for cancer.
Academic Article Lymphoma development in Bax transgenic mice is inhibited by Bcl-2 and associated with chromosomal instability.
Academic Article Realizing the potential of plasma genotyping in an age of genotype-directed therapies.
Academic Article Kinase inhibitors and immune check-point blockade for the treatment of metastatic melanoma and advanced cancer: synergistic or antagonistic?
Academic Article Imatinib for melanomas harboring mutationally activated or amplified KIT arising on mucosal, acral, and chronically sun-damaged skin.
Academic Article Ipilimumab, vemurafenib, dabrafenib, and trametinib: synergistic competitors in the clinical management of BRAF mutant malignant melanoma.
Academic Article Vemurafenib and BRAF inhibition: a new class of treatment for metastatic melanoma.
Academic Article Optimal Use of BRAF Targeting Therapy in the Immunotherapy Era.
Academic Article A phase 2 study of glembatumumab vedotin, an antibody-drug conjugate targeting glycoprotein NMB, in patients with advanced melanoma.
Academic Article Targeted agents or immuno-oncology therapies as first-line therapy for BRAF-mutated metastatic melanoma: a real-world study.
Academic Article Comprehensive Clinical Trial Data Summation for BRAF-MEK Inhibition and Checkpoint Immunotherapy in Metastatic Melanoma.
Academic Article Considering adjuvant therapy for stage II melanoma.
Academic Article Molecular correlates and therapeutic targets in T cell-inflamed versus non-T cell-inflamed tumors across cancer types.

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