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Concept Regression Analysis
Academic Article MIXOR: a computer program for mixed-effects ordinal regression analysis.
Academic Article Random effects probit and logistic regression models for three-level data.
Academic Article Predicting risk for medical malpractice claims using quality-of-care characteristics.
Academic Article Investigating drug plasma levels and clinical response using random regression models.
Academic Article Random regression models: a comprehensive approach to the analysis of longitudinal psychiatric data.
Academic Article Regression toward the mean: more on the price of beer and the salaries of priests.
Academic Article A random-effects ordinal regression model for multilevel analysis.
Academic Article Application of random-effects probit regression models.
Academic Article MIXREG: a computer program for mixed-effects regression analysis with autocorrelated errors.
Academic Article Random regression models for multicenter clinical trials data.
Academic Article Some conceptual and statistical issues in analysis of longitudinal psychiatric data. Application to the NIMH treatment of Depression Collaborative Research Program dataset.
Academic Article A longitudinal study of plasma cortisol and depressive symptomatology by random regression analysis.
Academic Article Familiality of polarity at illness onset in bipolar affective disorder.
Academic Article A worksite smoking intervention: a 2 year assessment of groups, incentives and self-help.
Academic Article A random-effects mixture model for classifying treatment response in longitudinal clinical trials.
Academic Article Intention-to-treat analyses in behavioral medicine randomized clinical trials.
Academic Article What is familial about familial bipolar disorder? Resemblance among relatives across a broad spectrum of phenotypic characteristics.
Academic Article Exploring alternate processes contributing to the association between maternal smoking and the smoking behavior among young adult offspring.
Academic Article Estimating individual influences of behavioral intentions: an application of random-effects modeling to the theory of reasoned action.
Academic Article Random-effects regression analysis of correlated grouped-time survival data.
Academic Article A mixed-effects regression model for three-level ordinal response data.
Academic Article Application of random-effects regression models in relapse research.
Academic Article A mixed-effects regression model for longitudinal multivariate ordinal data.
Academic Article Analysis of longitudinal substance use outcomes using ordinal random-effects regression models.
Academic Article Analysis of clustered data in community psychology: with an example from a worksite smoking cessation project.
Academic Article A note on marginalization of regression parameters from mixed models of binary outcomes.
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