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overview Donald Hedeker's chief expertise is in the development and use of advanced statistical methods for clustered and longitudinal data, with particular emphasis on mixed-effects models. He is the primary author of several freeware computer programs for mixed-effects analysis. With Robert Gibbons, Don is the author of the text “Longitudinal Data Analysis,” published by Wiley in 2006. More recently, he has developed methods and software for analysis of intensive longitudinal data, which are data with many measurements over time, often collected using mobile devices and/or the internet. Such data are increasingly obtained by researchers in many research areas, for example in the areas of mobile health (mHealth) and ecological momentary assessment (EMA) studies. He is an associate editor for Statistics in Medicine.
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Academic Article Randomized controlled trial for behavioral smoking and weight control treatment: effect of concurrent versus sequential intervention.
Academic Article Extended telephone counseling for smoking cessation: does content matter?
Academic Article Time-related predictors of suicide in major affective disorder.
Academic Article Random-effects regression analysis of correlated grouped-time survival data.
Academic Article Time-varying effects of smoking quantity and nicotine dependence on adolescent smoking regularity.
Academic Article Long-term effects of repealing the national maximum speed limit in the United States.
Academic Article Personal dust exposures at a food processing facility.
Academic Article A comment on analyzing addictive behaviors over time.
Academic Article Hedonic capacity, cigarette craving, and diminished positive mood.
Academic Article The time-varying influences of peer and family support on adolescent daily positive and negative affect.
Academic Article Effect of tryptophan depletion on smokers and nonsmokers with and without history of major depression.
Academic Article Oropharyngeal regulation of water balance in polydipsic schizophrenics.
Academic Article Work and Non-Work Physical Activity Predict Real-Time Smoking Level and Urges in Young Adults.
Academic Article Why Are Children Different in Their Daily Sedentariness? An Approach Based on the Mixed-Effects Location Scale Model.
Academic Article Early-Emerging Nicotine Dependence Has Lasting and Time-Varying Effects on Adolescent Smoking Behavior.
Academic Article Lifestyle intervention effects on the frequency and duration of daily moderate-vigorous physical activity and leisure screen time.
Academic Article Latent trait shared-parameter mixed models for missing ecological momentary assessment data.
Academic Article A mixed-effects location scale model for time-to-event data: A smoking behavior application.
Academic Article Do fluctuations in positive affective and physical feeling states predict physical activity and sedentary time?
Academic Article MixWILD: A program for examining the effects of variance and slope of time-varying variables in intensive longitudinal data.
Grant Variance Modeling of Smoking-related EMA Data
Grant Novel Statistical Models for Intensive Longitudinal Analyses of Cancer Control Behaviors
Grant Novel Statistical Models for EMA Studies of Physical Activity
Academic Article Estimating causal and time-varying effects of maternal smoking on youth smoking.
Academic Article Introducing a Real-Time Method for Identifying the Predictors of Noncompliance with Event-Based Reporting of Tobacco Use in Ecological Momentary Assessment.
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