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Concept Bayes Theorem
Academic Article Zodiac: A Comprehensive Depiction of Genetic Interactions in Cancer by Integrating TCGA Data.
Academic Article Bayesian dose-finding in phase I/II clinical trials using toxicity and efficacy odds ratios.
Academic Article BM-map: Bayesian mapping of multireads for next-generation sequencing data.
Academic Article Dose--schedule finding in phase I/II clinical trials using a Bayesian isotonic transformation.
Academic Article Dose-finding in phase I clinical trials based on toxicity probability intervals.
Academic Article A novel means of using gene clusters in a two-step empirical Bayes method for predicting classes of samples.
Academic Article A Nonparametric Bayesian Model for Nested Clustering.
Academic Article A modified toxicity probability interval method for dose-finding trials.
Academic Article Bayclone: Bayesian nonparametric inference of tumor subclones using NGS data.
Academic Article Modified toxicity probability interval design: a safer and more reliable method than the 3 + 3 design for practical phase I trials.
Academic Article Risk-group-specific dose finding based on an average toxicity score.
Academic Article BM-BC: a Bayesian method of base calling for Solexa sequence data.
Academic Article A subgroup cluster-based Bayesian adaptive design for precision medicine.
Academic Article A Bayesian interval dose-finding design addressingOckham's razor: mTPI-2.
Academic Article Bayesian graphical models for computational network biology.
Academic Article RoBoT: a robust Bayesian hypothesis testing method for basket trials.
Academic Article A Bayesian random partition model for sequential refinement and coagulation.
Academic Article Bayesian continual reassessment method for dose-finding trials infusing T cells with limited sample size.
Academic Article Monitoring late-onset toxicities in phase I trials using predicted risks.
Academic Article Perfusion and permeability as diagnostic biomarkers of cavernous angioma with symptomatic hemorrhage.
Academic Article Circulating Plasma miRNA Homologs in Mice and Humans Reflect Familial Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Disease.
Academic Article A Multi-Arm Two-Stage (MATS) design for proof-of-concept and dose optimization in early-phase oncology trials.
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