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Concept Mental Recall
Academic Article Enhanced reinstatement of naturalistic event memories due to hippocampal-network-targeted stimulation.
Academic Article Temporal context guides visual exploration during scene recognition.
Academic Article Neural activity in the medial temporal lobe reveals the fidelity of mental time travel.
Academic Article Functional interactions between large-scale networks during memory search.
Academic Article Widespread theta synchrony and high-frequency desynchronization underlies enhanced cognition.
Academic Article Similar patterns of neural activity predict memory function during encoding and retrieval.
Academic Article Direct Brain Stimulation Modulates Encoding States and Memory Performance in Humans.
Academic Article Decoding Episodic Retrieval Processes: Frontoparietal and Medial Temporal Lobe Contributions to Free Recall.
Academic Article Overlapping parietal activity in memory and perception: evidence for the attention to memory model.
Academic Article The neural dynamics of task context in free recall.
Academic Article Neural activity reveals interactions between episodic and semantic memory systems during retrieval.
Academic Article Distinct cortical systems reinstate the content and context of episodic memories.
Academic Article Hippocampal activity predicts contextual misattribution of false memories.
Academic Article Functional and anatomical connectivity predict brain stimulation's mnemonic effects.
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