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overview Chuan He is the John T. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Chicago.He received his B.S. (1994) from the University of Science and Technology of China. He received his Ph. D. degree from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in chemistry in 2000. After being trained as a Damon-Runyon postdoctoral fellow at Harvard University from 2000-2002, he joined the University of Chicago as an Assistant Professor, and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2008, Professor in 2010 and John T. Wilson Distinguished Service Professor in 2014. He is also a member of the Cancer Research Center at the University of Chicago. His research spans a broad range of chemical biology, RNA biology, epigenetics, biochemistry, molecular biology, and genomics. His recent research concerns reversible RNA and DNA methylation in biological regulation. His research group discovered the first RNA demethylase and showed that reversible RNA methylation significantly affects gene expression regulation.

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Concept RNA Precursors
Concept RNA, Bacterial
Concept RNA, Neoplasm
Concept RNA, Viral
Concept RNA Splicing
Concept RNA
Concept RNA Polymerase II
Concept DNA-Directed RNA Polymerases
Concept RNA Processing, Post-Transcriptional
Concept RNA, Transfer
Concept RNA Splice Sites
Concept RNA, Nuclear
Concept RNA Interference
Concept RNA-Binding Proteins
Concept RNA, Messenger, Stored
Concept RNA Helicases
Concept RNA, Messenger
Concept RNA, Untranslated
Concept RNA Folding
Concept RNA Transport
Concept RNA, Small Interfering
Concept RNA, Ribosomal
Concept RNA, Small Nuclear
Concept Sequence Analysis, RNA
Concept RNA Stability
Academic Article Genome-wide analysis of N1-methyl-adenosine modification in human tRNAs.
Academic Article The AlkB domain of mammalian ABH8 catalyzes hydroxylation of 5-methoxycarbonylmethyluridine at the wobble position of tRNA.
Academic Article A new oxidative sensing and regulation pathway mediated by the MgrA homologue SarZ in Staphylococcus aureus.
Academic Article Blockade of miR-150 maturation by MLL-fusion/MYC/LIN-28 is required for MLL-associated leukemia.
Academic Article N6-methyladenosine in nuclear RNA is a major substrate of the obesity-associated FTO.
Academic Article Crystal structures of DNA/RNA repair enzymes AlkB and ABH2 bound to dsDNA.
Academic Article FTO-mediated formation of N6-hydroxymethyladenosine and N6-formyladenosine in mammalian RNA.
Academic Article HMGA2/TET1/HOXA9 signaling pathway regulates breast cancer growth and metastasis.
Academic Article Unique features of the m6A methylome in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Academic Article A METTL3-METTL14 complex mediates mammalian nuclear RNA N6-adenosine methylation.
Academic Article N6-methyladenosine-dependent regulation of messenger RNA stability.
Academic Article ALKBH5 is a mammalian RNA demethylase that impacts RNA metabolism and mouse fertility.
Academic Article Gene expression regulation mediated through reversible m6A RNA methylation.
Academic Article Sprouts of RNA epigenetics: the discovery of mammalian RNA demethylases.
Academic Article Grand challenge commentary: RNA epigenetics?
Academic Article Oxidative demethylation of 3-methylthymine and 3-methyluracil in single-stranded DNA and RNA by mouse and human FTO.
Academic Article Dynamic RNA modifications in posttranscriptional regulation.
Academic Article Pseudouridine in a new era of RNA modifications.
Academic Article N(6)-methyladenosine-dependent RNA structural switches regulate RNA-protein interactions.
Academic Article High-resolution N(6) -methyladenosine (m(6) A) map using photo-crosslinking-assisted m(6) A sequencing.
Academic Article A non-heme iron-mediated chemical demethylation in DNA and RNA.
Academic Article Nucleic acid modifications with epigenetic significance.
Academic Article Reversible RNA adenosine methylation in biological regulation.
Academic Article Crystal structure of the RNA demethylase ALKBH5 from zebrafish.
Academic Article Steady-state hydrogen peroxide induces glycolysis in Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.
Academic Article Reading RNA methylation codes through methyl-specific binding proteins.
Academic Article Detection of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine in a combined glycosylation restriction analysis (CGRA) using restriction enzyme Taq(a)I.
Academic Article N(6)-methyladenosine Modulates Messenger RNA Translation Efficiency.
Academic Article RNA N6-methyladenosine methylation in post-transcriptional gene expression regulation.
Academic Article Preparation of Human Nuclear RNA m6A Methyltransferases and Demethylases and Biochemical Characterization of Their Catalytic Activity.
Academic Article Efficient and quantitative high-throughput tRNA sequencing.
Academic Article RNA epigenetics--chemical messages for posttranscriptional gene regulation.
Academic Article The dynamic N(1)-methyladenosine methylome in eukaryotic messenger RNA.
Academic Article Nucleic Acid Modifications in Regulation of Gene Expression.
Academic Article Nuclear m(6)A Reader YTHDC1 Regulates mRNA Splicing.
Academic Article ALKBH1-Mediated tRNA Demethylation Regulates Translation.
Academic Article Post-transcriptional gene regulation by mRNA modifications.
Academic Article The emerging biology of RNA post-transcriptional modifications.
Academic Article FTO Plays an Oncogenic Role in Acute Myeloid Leukemia as a N6-Methyladenosine RNA Demethylase.
Academic Article Evolution of transcript modification by N6-methyladenosine in primates.
Academic Article YTHDF3 facilitates translation and decay of N6-methyladenosine-modified RNA.
Academic Article m6A-dependent maternal mRNA clearance facilitates zebrafish maternal-to-zygotic transition.
Academic Article Nm-seq maps 2'-O-methylation sites in human mRNA with base precision.
Academic Article Dynamic RNA Modifications in Gene Expression Regulation.
Academic Article Chemical Modifications in the Life of an mRNA Transcript.
Academic Article RNA modifications modulate gene expression during development.
Academic Article m6A facilitates hippocampus-dependent learning and memory through YTHDF1.
Academic Article Ythdc2 is an N6-methyladenosine binding protein that regulates mammalian spermatogenesis.
Academic Article RNA cytosine methylation and methyltransferases mediate chromatin organization and 5-azacytidine response and resistance in leukaemia.
Academic Article Differential m6A, m6Am, and m1A Demethylation Mediated by FTO in the Cell Nucleus and Cytoplasm.
Academic Article m6A mRNA methylation regulates AKT activity to promote the proliferation and tumorigenicity of endometrial cancer.
Academic Article Our views of dynamic N6-methyladenosine RNA methylation.
Academic Article Single base resolution mapping of 2'-O-methylation sites in human mRNA and in 3' terminal ends of small RNAs.
Academic Article Identifying the m6A Methylome by Affinity Purification and Sequencing.
Academic Article YTHDC1 mediates nuclear export of N6-methyladenosine methylated mRNAs.
Academic Article Author Correction: RNA cytosine methylation and methyltransferases mediate chromatin organization and 5-azacytidine response and resistance in leukaemia.
Academic Article Phasing Gene Expression: mRNA N6-Methyladenosine Regulates Temporal Progression of Mammalian Cortical Neurogenesis.
Academic Article Epitranscriptomic influences on development and disease.
Academic Article Circadian Clock Regulation of Hepatic Lipid Metabolism by Modulation of m6A mRNA Methylation.
Academic Article High-Resolution Mapping of N 6-Methyladenosine Using m6A Crosslinking Immunoprecipitation Sequencing (m6A-CLIP-Seq).
Academic Article Transcriptome-wide reprogramming of N6-methyladenosine modification by the mouse microbiome.
Academic Article mRNA acetylation: a new addition to the epitranscriptome.
Academic Article Transcriptome-wide Mapping of Internal N7-Methylguanosine Methylome in Mammalian mRNA.
Academic Article METTL14 is essential for ß-cell survival and insulin secretion.
Academic Article Where, When, and How: Context-Dependent Functions of RNA Methylation Writers, Readers, and Erasers.
Academic Article m6A mRNA demethylase FTO regulates melanoma tumorigenicity and response to anti-PD-1 blockade.
Academic Article FMRP Modulates Neural Differentiation through m6A-Dependent mRNA Nuclear Export.
Academic Article Site-specific m6A editing.
Academic Article Regulation of Co-transcriptional Pre-mRNA Splicing by m6A through the Low-Complexity Protein hnRNPG.
Academic Article Evolution of a reverse transcriptase to map N1-methyladenosine in human messenger RNA.
Academic Article The RNA-binding protein FMRP facilitates the nuclear export of N6-methyladenosine-containing mRNAs.
Academic Article RADAR: differential analysis of MeRIP-seq data with a random effect model.
Academic Article m6A mRNA Methylation Is Essential for Oligodendrocyte Maturation and CNS Myelination.
Academic Article N6-methyladenosine of chromosome-associated regulatory RNA regulates chromatin state and transcription.
Academic Article Keth-seq for transcriptome-wide RNA structure mapping.
Academic Article YTHDF2 promotes mitotic entry and is regulated by cell cycle mediators.
Academic Article REPIC: a database for exploring the N6-methyladenosine methylome.
Academic Article Control of Early B Cell Development by the RNA N6-Methyladenosine Methylation.
Academic Article Genetic analyses support the contribution of mRNA N6-methyladenosine (m6A) modification to human disease heritability.
Academic Article A New Model of Spontaneous Colitis in Mice Induced by Deletion of an RNA m6A Methyltransferase Component METTL14 in T Cells.
Academic Article LEAD-m6 A-seq for Locus-Specific Detection of N6 -Methyladenosine and Quantification of Differential Methylation.
Academic Article Stabilization of ERK-Phosphorylated METTL3 by USP5 Increases m6A Methylation.
Academic Article N6-Adenosine Methylation of Socs1 mRNA Is Required to Sustain the Negative Feedback Control of Macrophage Activation.
Academic Article Global Detection of RNA Methylation by Click Degradation.
Academic Article m6 A RNA methylation: from mechanisms to therapeutic potential.
Academic Article Chromatin and transcriptional regulation by reversible RNA methylation.
Academic Article Autophagy of the m6A mRNA demethylase FTO is impaired by low-level arsenic exposure to promote tumorigenesis.
Academic Article Transcriptome-Wide Detection of Internal N7-Methylguanosine.
Academic Article ALKBH7-mediated demethylation regulates mitochondrial polycistronic RNA processing.
Academic Article N6-methyladenosine promotes induction of ADAR1-mediated A-to-I RNA editing to suppress aberrant antiviral innate immune responses.

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