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Concept Abdomen
Concept Urinary Bladder
Concept Anal Canal
Concept Anatomy
Concept Cicatrix
Concept Muscle, Smooth
Concept Intervertebral Disc
Concept Pelvis
Concept Muscles
Concept Granulation Tissue
Concept Pelvic Bones
Concept Neuromuscular Junction
Concept Leg
Concept Urinary Tract
Concept Uterus
Concept Sacrum
Concept Skin
Concept Urethra
Concept Pelvic Floor
Concept Vagina
Concept Lumbosacral Plexus
Concept Neurons, Afferent
Concept Muscle, Skeletal
Concept Rectum
Concept Muscle, Striated
Concept Sacroiliac Joint
Concept Ureter
Concept Lumbar Vertebrae
Concept Perineum
Concept Urine
Academic Article Clinical anatomy and surgical skills training (CASST): development of a multicenter, multidisciplinary program.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance assessment of pelvic anatomy and pelvic floor disorders after childbirth.
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  • Anatomy