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Concept Color Perception Tests
Concept Depth Perception
Concept Motion Perception
Concept Visual Perception
Concept Size Perception
Concept Time Perception
Concept Perception
Concept Space Perception
Concept Color Perception
Concept Form Perception
Academic Article Relating color discrimination to photopigment genes in deutan observers.
Academic Article Saturation in human cones.
Academic Article Color shifts from S-cone patterned backgrounds: contrast sensitivity and spatial frequency selectivity.
Academic Article Brightness induction: unequal spatial integration with increments and decrements.
Academic Article Stereo disparity improves color constancy.
Academic Article Color perception with binocularly fused adapting fields of different wavelengths.
Academic Article Chromatic assimilation: spread light or neural mechanism?
Academic Article The role of luminance edges in misbinding of color to form.
Academic Article Color perception within a chromatic context: the effect of short-wavelength light on color appearance.
Academic Article Chromatic assimilation unaffected by perceived depth of inducing light.
Academic Article Individual differences in simultaneous color constancy are related to working memory.
Academic Article Relating cone signals to color appearance: failure of monotonicity in yellow/blue.
Academic Article The dual role of chromatic backgrounds in color perception.
Academic Article A central binocular mechanism affects chromatic adaptation.
Academic Article Individual differences in cone photopigments of normal trichromats measured by dual Rayleigh-type color matches.
Academic Article Serine/alanine amino acid polymorphism of the L-cone photopigment assessed by dual Rayleigh-type color matches.
Academic Article Perceived segmentation of center from surround by only illusory contours causes chromatic lateral inhibition.
Academic Article Changes in color appearance caused by perceptual grouping.
Academic Article Very-long-term and short-term chromatic adaptation: are their influences cumulative?
Academic Article Developmental changes in face processing: results from multidimensional scaling.
Academic Article Feature binding of a continuously changing object.
Academic Article Chromatic induction with remote chromatic contrast varied in magnitude, spatial frequency, and chromaticity.
Academic Article The Verriest Lecture: color lessons from space, time and motion.
Academic Article Color perception with test and adapting lights perceived in different depth planes.
Academic Article On neural signals that mediate brightness.
Academic Article Color perception within a chromatic context: changes in red/green equilibria caused by noncontiguous light.
Academic Article Redness from short-wavelength-sensitive cones does not induce greenness.
Academic Article Role of perceptual organization in chromatic induction.
Academic Article Color perception under chromatic adaptation: "supersensitivity" with dim backgrounds.
Academic Article Working memory is related to perceptual processing: a case from color perception.
Academic Article What kinds of contours bound the reach of filled-in color?
Academic Article Brightness contrast from inhomogeneous surrounds.
Academic Article Chromatic assimilation measured by temporal nulling.
Academic Article Foveal cone detection statistics in color-normals and dichromats.
Academic Article Surface color perception under two illuminants: the second illuminant reduces color constancy.
Academic Article Color perception under chromatic adaptation: equilibrium yellow and long-wavelength adaptation.
Academic Article Color perception under contralateral and binocularly fused chromatic adaption.
Academic Article A central mechanism of chromatic contrast.
Academic Article Misbinding of color to form in afterimages.
Academic Article Color-binding errors during rivalrous suppression of form.
Academic Article Induced temporal variation at frequencies not in the stimulus: evidence for a neural nonlinearity.
Academic Article On neural signals that mediate induced blackness.
Academic Article Foveal cone thresholds.
Academic Article The influence of chromatic context on binocular color rivalry: perception and neural representation.
Academic Article The visual photopigments of simple deuteranomalous trichromats inferred from color matching.
Academic Article Unambiguous evidence for the additive effect in chromatic adaptation.
Academic Article Color in complex scenes.
Academic Article Color appearance under chromatic adaptation varied along theoretically significant axes in color space.
Academic Article Variation in color matching and discrimination among deuteranomalous trichromats: theoretical implications of small differences in photopigments.
Academic Article Color perception under chromatic adaptation: red/green equilibria with adapted short-wavelength-sensitive cones.
Academic Article Resolution of binocular rivalry: Perceptual misbinding of color.
Academic Article Articulation: brightness, apparent illumination, and contrast ratios.
Academic Article Chromatic induction: border contrast or adaptation to surrounding light?
Academic Article Binocular rivalry between identical retinal stimuli with an induced color difference.
Academic Article Do S cones contribute to color-motion feature binding?
Academic Article Simultaneous S-cone contrast.
Academic Article Protanomaly without darkened red is deuteranopia with rods.
Academic Article A year's memories: the calendar effect in autobiographical recall.
Academic Article Separating monocular and binocular neural mechanisms mediating chromatic contextual interactions.
Academic Article Induced steady color shifts from temporally varying surrounds.
Academic Article Temporal nulling of induction from spatial patterns modulated in time.
Academic Article Color shifts induced by S-cone patterns are mediated by a neural representation driven by multiple cone types.
Academic Article The neural pathways mediating color shifts induced by temporally varying light.
Academic Article Chromatic induction from S-cone patterns.
Academic Article Rayleigh matches in carriers of inherited color vision defects: the contribution from the third L/M photopigment.
Academic Article Induction from a below-threshold chromatic pattern.
Academic Article Influence of motion on chromatic detection.
Academic Article Lightness and brightness judgments of coplanar retinally noncontiguous surfaces.
Academic Article An account of brightness in complex scenes based on inferred illumination.
Academic Article Color appearance with sparse chromatic context.
Academic Article Very-long-term chromatic adaptation: test of gain theory and a new method.
Academic Article The role of color in motion feature-binding errors.
Academic Article Color-motion feature-binding errors are mediated by a higher-order chromatic representation.
Academic Article Chromatic Information and Feature Detection in Fast Visual Analysis.
Academic Article Chromatic interocular-switch rivalry.
Academic Article Perceptual resolution of color for multiple chromatically ambiguous objects.
Academic Article Illusory edges comingle with real edges in the neural representation of objects.
Academic Article Perceptual resolution of ambiguous neural representations for form and chromaticity.
Academic Article Seeing fruit on trees: enhanced perceptual dissimilarity from multiple ambiguous neural representations.
Academic Article Neural representations of perceptual color experience in the human ventral visual pathway.
Academic Article Decoding chromaticity and luminance from patterns of EEG activity.
Academic Article Binocularly-driven competing neural responses and the perceptual resolution of color.
Academic Article Ambiguity is a linking feature for interocular grouping.
Grant Central and Peripheral Processes in Visual Adaptation
Grant Resolution of chromatic ambiguity in mid-level vision
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