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Concept Genetics, Population
Academic Article Inference of population structure using multilocus genotype data: linked loci and correlated allele frequencies.
Academic Article Traces of human migrations in Helicobacter pylori populations.
Academic Article Genome-wide detection and characterization of positive selection in human populations.
Academic Article Genes mirror geography within Europe.
Academic Article Insights into recombination from population genetic variation.
Academic Article Analysis of population structure: a unifying framework and novel methods based on sparse factor analysis.
Academic Article msHOT: modifying Hudson's ms simulator to incorporate crossover and gene conversion hotspots.
Academic Article Fast and accurate estimation of the population-scaled mutation rate, theta, from microsatellite genotype data.
Academic Article fastSTRUCTURE: variational inference of population structure in large SNP data sets.
Academic Article A comparison of bayesian methods for haplotype reconstruction from population genotype data.
Academic Article A fast and flexible statistical model for large-scale population genotype data: applications to inferring missing genotypes and haplotypic phase.
Academic Article Linkage disequilibrium-based quality control for large-scale genetic studies.
Academic Article Modeling linkage disequilibrium and identifying recombination hotspots using single-nucleotide polymorphism data.
Academic Article Visualizing spatial population structure with estimated effective migration surfaces.
Academic Article New evidence for hybrid zones of forest and savanna elephants in Central and West Africa.
Academic Article Estimating recent migration and population-size surfaces.
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