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Concept Haplotypes
Academic Article The effects of genotype-dependent recombination, and transmission asymmetry, on linkage disequilibrium.
Academic Article Genome-wide detection and characterization of positive selection in human populations.
Academic Article Fast and accurate genotype imputation in genome-wide association studies through pre-phasing.
Academic Article A second generation human haplotype map of over 3.1 million SNPs.
Academic Article Absence of the TAP2 human recombination hotspot in chimpanzees.
Academic Article Conservation of hotspots for recombination in low-copy repeats associated with the NF1 microdeletion.
Academic Article Accounting for decay of linkage disequilibrium in haplotype inference and missing-data imputation.
Academic Article A comparison of phasing algorithms for trios and unrelated individuals.
Academic Article A comparison of bayesian methods for haplotype reconstruction from population genotype data.
Academic Article A fast and flexible statistical model for large-scale population genotype data: applications to inferring missing genotypes and haplotypic phase.
Academic Article Modeling linkage disequilibrium and identifying recombination hotspots using single-nucleotide polymorphism data.
Academic Article Estimating Time to the Common Ancestor for a Beneficial Allele.
Academic Article Estimating recent migration and population-size surfaces.
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