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Academic Article Genetic aspects of early childhood stuttering.
Academic Article Mutations in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-1alpha gene in maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY3)
Academic Article Mutations in the hepatocyte nuclear factor-4alpha gene in maturity-onset diabetes of the young (MODY1)
Academic Article The gene responsible for autosomal dominant Doyne's honeycomb retinal dystrophy (DHRD) maps to chromosome 2p16.
Academic Article Two different mutations in the thyroid peroxidase gene of a large inbred Amish kindred: power and limits of homozygosity mapping.
Academic Article Importance sampling. I. Computing multimodel p values in linkage analysis.
Academic Article Genomewide screen and identification of gene-gene interactions for asthma-susceptibility loci in three U.S. populations: collaborative study on the genetics of asthma.
Academic Article A second-generation genomewide screen for asthma-susceptibility alleles in a founder population.
Academic Article A statistical method for identification of polymorphisms that explain a linkage result.
Academic Article Genome-wide linkage analysis of families with obsessive-compulsive disorder ascertained through pediatric probands.
Academic Article Genetic Analysis Workshop II: results of segregation analyses using POINTER and linkage analyses using LIPED.
Academic Article MERLIN...and the geneticist's stone?
Academic Article Loci on chromosomes 6q and 6p interact to increase susceptibility to bipolar affective disorder in the national institute of mental health genetics initiative pedigrees.
Academic Article Gene for non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (maturity-onset diabetes of the young subtype) is linked to DNA polymorphism on human chromosome 20q.
Academic Article Association testing of the positional and functional candidate gene SLC1A1/EAAC1 in early-onset obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Confirmed locus on chromosome 11p and candidate loci on 6q and 8p for the triglyceride and cholesterol traits of combined hyperlipidemia.
Academic Article Genetic studies of variation in Rayleigh and photometric matches in normal trichromats.
Academic Article Insulin gene mutations as a cause of permanent neonatal diabetes.
Academic Article Evidence for a susceptibility locus on chromosome 10p15 in early-onset obsessive-compulsive disorder.
Academic Article Finding the missing heritability of complex diseases.
Academic Article Genomewide linkage scan of 409 European-ancestry and African American families with schizophrenia: suggestive evidence of linkage at 8p23.3-p21.2 and 11p13.1-q14.1 in the combined sample.
Academic Article Obesity and hyperinsulinemia in a family with pancreatic agenesis and MODY caused by the IPF1 mutation Pro63fsX60.
Academic Article Segregation and linkage analyses of bipolar and major depressive illnesses in multigenerational pedigrees.
Academic Article HLA-DR typing "at the DNA level": RFLPs and subtypes detected with a DR beta cDNA probe.
Academic Article Maternal transmission of a rare GABRB3 signal peptide variant is associated with autism.
Academic Article The detection of major loci by segregation and linkage analysis: a simulation study.
Academic Article Insulin-gene sharing in sib pairs with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus: no evidence for linkage.
Academic Article Linkage studies of maturity onset diabetes of the young--R.W. pedigree.
Academic Article Linkage analysis for psychiatric disorders. I. Basic concepts.
Academic Article Recombinant mapping of the familial hyperinsulinism gene to an 0.8 cM region on chromosome 11p15.1 and demonstration of a founder effect in Ashkenazi Jews.
Academic Article Linkage of familial dysalbuminemic hyperthyroxinemia to the albumin gene in a large Amish kindred.
Academic Article A yeast artificial chromosome-based map of the region of chromosome 20 containing the diabetes-susceptibility gene, MODY1, and a myeloid leukemia related gene.
Academic Article Germline BAP1 mutations predispose to malignant mesothelioma.
Academic Article Some effects of selection strategies on linkage analysis.
Academic Article The genetic basis of persistence and recovery in stuttering.
Academic Article Sequential imputation for multilocus linkage analysis.
Academic Article Mapping diabetes-susceptibility genes. Lessons learned from search for DNA marker for maturity-onset diabetes of the young.
Academic Article Genetic linkage studies of thyroid peroxidase (TPO) gene in families with TPO deficiency.
Academic Article The importance of genealogy in determining genetic associations with complex traits.
Academic Article Locus on chromosome 6p linked to elevated HDL cholesterol serum levels and to protection against premature atherosclerosis in a kindred with familial hypercholesterolemia.
Academic Article Genetic studies of stuttering in a founder population.
Academic Article Localization of MODY3 to a 5-cM region of human chromosome 12.
Academic Article Sequential imputation and multipoint linkage analysis.

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