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Concept Arabidopsis Proteins
Concept Arabidopsis
Academic Article CYP704B1 is a long-chain fatty acid omega-hydroxylase essential for sporopollenin synthesis in pollen of Arabidopsis.
Academic Article LAP3, a novel plant protein required for pollen development, is essential for proper exine formation.
Academic Article A large-scale genetic screen in Arabidopsis to identify genes involved in pollen exine production.
Academic Article LAP5 and LAP6 encode anther-specific proteins with similarity to chalcone synthase essential for pollen exine development in Arabidopsis.
Academic Article The novel plant protein INAPERTURATE POLLEN1 marks distinct cellular domains and controls formation of apertures in the Arabidopsis pollen exine.
Academic Article Aperture number influences pollen survival in Arabidopsis mutants.
Academic Article A Ploidy-Sensitive Mechanism Regulates Aperture Formation on the Arabidopsis Pollen Surface and Guides Localization of the Aperture Factor INP1.
Academic Article Formation of pollen apertures in Arabidopsis requires an interplay between male meiosis, development of INP1-decorated plasma membrane domains, and the callose wall.
Academic Article INP1 involvement in pollen aperture formation is evolutionarily conserved and may require species-specific partners.
Academic Article Effect of aperture number on pollen germination, survival and reproductive success in Arabidopsis thaliana.
Academic Article Pollen Aperture Factor INP1 Acts Late in Aperture Formation by Excluding Specific Membrane Domains from Exine Deposition.
Academic Article Arabidopsis Protein Kinase D6PKL3 Is Involved in the Formation of Distinct Plasma Membrane Aperture Domains on the Pollen Surface.
Academic Article Changes in morphogen kinetics and pollen grain size are potential mechanisms of aberrant pollen aperture patterning in previously observed and novel mutants of Arabidopsis thaliana.
Academic Article Formation of aperture sites on the pollen surface as a model for development of distinct cellular domains.
Academic Article A species-specific functional module controls formation of pollen apertures.
Academic Article Members of the ELMOD protein family specify formation of distinct aperture domains on the Arabidopsis pollen surface.
Academic Article Loss of THIN EXINE2 disrupts multiple processes in the mechanism of pollen exine formation.
Academic Article Dynamic changes in primexine during the tetrad stage of pollen development.
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