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Academic Article Trait-level and momentary correlates of bulimia nervosa with a history of anorexia nervosa.
Academic Article Latent profile analysis of eating episodes in anorexia nervosa.
Academic Article Dimensions of emotion dysregulation in bulimia nervosa.
Academic Article Is compulsive buying related to materialism, depression or temperament? Findings from a sample of treatment-seeking patients with CB.
Academic Article Examining affect and perfectionism in relation to eating disorder symptoms among women with anorexia nervosa.
Academic Article Alcohol use disorder comorbidity in eating disorders: a multicenter study.
Academic Article Bidirectional associations between binge eating and restriction in anorexia nervosa. An ecological momentary assessment study.
Academic Article Examining convergence of retrospective and ecological momentary assessment measures of negative affect and eating disorder behaviors.
Academic Article A latent profile analysis of childhood trauma in women with bulimia nervosa: Associations with borderline personality disorder psychopathology.
Academic Article The Yale-Brown-Cornell eating disorders scale self-report questionnaire: a new, efficient tool for clinicians and researchers.
Academic Article The relationship among compulsive buying, compulsive internet use and temperament in a sample of female patients with eating disorders.
Academic Article Predicting group cognitive-behavioral therapy outcome of binge eating disorder using empirical classification.
Academic Article Associations between retrospective versus ecological momentary assessment measures of emotion and eating disorder symptoms in anorexia nervosa.
Academic Article Emotional states preceding and following acts of non-suicidal self-injury in bulimia nervosa patients.
Academic Article Estimated prevalence of compulsive buying in Germany and its association with sociodemographic characteristics and depressive symptoms.
Academic Article Moderators of post-binge eating negative emotion in eating disorders.
Academic Article Hoarding in a compulsive buying sample.
Academic Article Longitudinal stability of binge-eating type in eating disorders.
Academic Article Depression, materialism, and excessive Internet use in relation to compulsive buying.
Academic Article Affective lability and impulsivity in a clinical sample of women with bulimia nervosa: the role of affect in severely dysregulated behavior.
Academic Article Reporting weight change: standardized reporting accounting for baseline weight.
Academic Article DSM-IV threshold versus subthreshold bulimia nervosa.
Academic Article Stepped care and cognitive-behavioural therapy for bulimia nervosa: randomised trial.
Academic Article Loss of control eating and eating disorders in adolescents before bariatric surgery.
Academic Article Subtypes of binge eating disorder based on psychiatric history.
Academic Article Impulsivity and compulsivity in bulimia nervosa.
Academic Article Associations between physical activity and mental health among bariatric surgical candidates.
Academic Article Two measures of health-related quality of life in morbid obesity.
Academic Article Efficacy of sibutramine for the treatment of binge eating disorder: a randomized multicenter placebo-controlled double-blind study.
Academic Article The relationship between compulsive buying, eating disorder symptoms, and temperament in a sample of female students.
Academic Article Screening for eating disorders in primary care: EDE-Q versus SCOFF.
Academic Article Correlates of self-induced vomiting and laxative misuse in a community sample of women.
Academic Article Latent profile analysis and comorbidity in a sample of individuals with compulsive buying disorder.
Academic Article Cognitive behavioral therapy for compulsive buying disorder.
Academic Article Initial test of an emotional avoidance model of restriction in anorexia nervosa using ecological momentary assessment.
Academic Article Eating behavior and eating disorders in adults before bariatric surgery.
Academic Article Temporal associations between affective instability and dysregulated eating behavior in bulimia nervosa.
Academic Article Dissociative experiences and quality of life in patients with non-epileptic attack disorder.
Academic Article Repetitive eating questionnaire [Rep(eat)-Q]: Enlightening the concept of grazing and psychometric properties in a Portuguese sample.
Academic Article Comparing integrative cognitive-affective therapy and guided self-help cognitive-behavioral therapy to treat binge-eating disorder using standard and naturalistic momentary outcome measures: A randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Commitment to treatment goals in prediction of group cognitive-behavioral therapy treatment outcome for women with bulimia nervosa.
Academic Article Eating related and general psychopathology in obese females with binge eating disorder.
Academic Article Predictive validity of bulimia nervosa as a diagnostic category.
Academic Article Alexithymia, obesity, and binge eating disorder.
Academic Article A placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of amitriptyline in bulimia.
Academic Article Impact of definitions on the description and prediction of bulimia nervosa outcome.
Academic Article Eating disorders in patients with cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article The changing population of bulimia nervosa patients in an eating disorders program.
Academic Article Bulimia and depression.
Academic Article Diagnosing binge eating disorder: level of agreement between self-report and expert-rating.
Academic Article Agreement between survey and interview measures of weight control practices in adolescents.
Academic Article Long-term outcome of bulimia nervosa.
Academic Article Binge eating disorder: clinical features and treatment of a new diagnosis.
Academic Article Eating disorders and psychiatric disorders in the first-degree relatives of obese probands with binge eating disorder and obese non-binge eating disorder controls.
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