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Concept Cloning, Molecular
Academic Article Homozygosity and physical mapping of the autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa locus (RP14) on chromosome 6p21.3.
Academic Article Mapping psychiatric disease genes: impact of new molecular strategies.
Academic Article DNA markers for nervous system diseases.
Academic Article Positional cloning and characterisation of the human DLGAP2 gene and its exclusion in progressive epilepsy with mental retardation.
Academic Article Characterization of the Wilson disease gene encoding a P-type copper transporting ATPase: genomic organization, alternative splicing, and structure/function predictions.
Academic Article Cloning of the breakpoints of a de novo inversion of chromosome 8, inv (8)(p11.2q23.1) in a patient with Ambras syndrome.
Academic Article Cloning and genomic organization of beclin 1, a candidate tumor suppressor gene on chromosome 17q21.
Academic Article Isolation of multiple genomic sequences coding for chicken myosin heavy chain protein.
Academic Article Molecular genetics of human chromosome 4.
Academic Article The implications of genetic variation in human pathology.
Academic Article Isolation of polymorphic DNA fragments from human chromosome 4.
Academic Article Heterologous expression of the metal-binding domains of human copper-transporting ATPases (P1-ATPases).
Academic Article Progress toward cloning of the gene responsible for childhood spinal muscular atrophy.
Academic Article A DNA segment encoding two genes very tightly linked to Huntington's disease.
Academic Article Chromosome jumping from D4S10 (G8) toward the Huntington disease gene.
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