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Concept Neuropsychological Tests
Academic Article A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of lamotrigine for pathological skin picking: treatment efficacy and neurocognitive predictors of response.
Academic Article Cognitive task performance and frequency of alcohol usage in young adults.
Academic Article Neurocognitive response to deep brain stimulation for obsessive-compulsive disorder: a case report.
Academic Article Neuropsychological functioning in kleptomania.
Academic Article Impaired response inhibition and excess cortical thickness as candidate endophenotypes for trichotillomania.
Academic Article Effects of acute modafinil on cognition in trichotillomania.
Academic Article Memantine shows promise in reducing gambling severity and cognitive inflexibility in pathological gambling: a pilot study.
Academic Article Prediction of alcohol and gambling problems in young adults by using a measure of decision making.
Academic Article Traumatic event exposure and gambling: associations with clinical, neurocognitive, and personality variables.
Academic Article Emotion regulation and impulsivity in young adults.
Academic Article A preliminary comparison of cannabis use in subsyndromal gamblers: select neurocognitive and behavioral differences based on use.
Academic Article Neurocognitive dysfunction in strategic and non-strategic gamblers.
Academic Article Association between tobacco smoking and cognitive functioning in young adults.
Academic Article Excoriation disorder: impulsivity and its clinical associations.
Academic Article Impact of ADHD symptoms on clinical and cognitive aspects of problem gambling.
Academic Article A neurocognitive comparison of cognitive flexibility and response inhibition in gamblers with varying degrees of clinical severity.
Academic Article The effect of self-regulated caffeine use on cognition in young adults.
Academic Article Frontal white matter integrity in borderline personality disorder with self-injurious behavior.
Academic Article Cigarette smoking status in pathological gamblers: association with impulsivity and cognitive flexibility.
Academic Article Neurocognitive deficits associated with shoplifting in young adults.
Academic Article Gender-related clinical and neurocognitive differences in individuals seeking treatment for pathological gambling.
Academic Article Neurocognitive functioning in compulsive buying disorder.
Academic Article Dronabinol, a cannabinoid agonist, reduces hair pulling in trichotillomania: a pilot study.
Academic Article Neuropsychological deficits associated with cannabis use in young adults.
Academic Article A cognitive comparison of pathological skin picking and trichotillomania.
Academic Article Clinical and neurocognitive markers of suicidality in young adults.
Academic Article Motor inhibition and cognitive flexibility in pathologic skin picking.
Academic Article Obesity and gambling: neurocognitive and clinical associations.
Academic Article Neurocognitive findings in compulsive sexual behavior: a preliminary study.
Academic Article Obesity and dissociable forms of impulsivity in young adults.
Academic Article Body focused repetitive behavior disorders: Significance of family history.
Academic Article Neurocognitive Deficits Associated with Antisocial Personality Disorder in Non-treatment-seeking Young Adults.
Academic Article Cognitive flexibility correlates with gambling severity in young adults.
Academic Article ADHD symptoms in non-treatment seeking young adults: relationship with other forms of impulsivity.
Academic Article Neurocognitive and clinical correlates of gambling behavior based on mode of gambling.
Academic Article Trichotillomania and its clinical relationship to depression and anxiety.
Academic Article Neurocognitive dysfunction in problem gamblers with co-occurring antisocial personality disorder.
Academic Article Caffeine's influence on gambling behavior and other types of impulsivity.
Academic Article Neuroanatomical Correlates of Impulsive Action in Excoriation (Skin-Picking) Disorder.
Academic Article Age at first sexual activity: Clinical and cognitive associations.
Academic Article Cognitive inflexibility in a young woman with pyromania.
Academic Article Differences in the cognitive profile of depression between racial groups.
Academic Article An fMRI Pilot Study of Cognitive Flexibility in Trichotillomania.

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