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Academic Article Naltrexone improves quit rates, attenuates smoking urge, and reduces alcohol use in heavy drinking smokers attempting to quit smoking.
Academic Article Adolescent kleptomania treated with naltrexone--a case report.
Academic Article Atomoxetine modulates right inferior frontal activation during inhibitory control: a pharmacological functional magnetic resonance imaging study.
Academic Article Memantine shows promise in reducing gambling severity and cognitive inflexibility in pathological gambling: a pilot study.
Academic Article Measuring "waiting" impulsivity in substance addictions and binge eating disorder in a novel analogue of rodent serial reaction time task.
Academic Article Do patients always prefer quicker treatment? : a discrete choice analysis of patients' stated preferences in the London Patient Choice Project.
Academic Article A neurocognitive comparison of cognitive flexibility and response inhibition in gamblers with varying degrees of clinical severity.
Academic Article The effect of self-regulated caffeine use on cognition in young adults.
Academic Article Motor inhibition and cognitive flexibility in pathologic skin picking.
Academic Article Obesity and gambling: neurocognitive and clinical associations.
Academic Article Waiting Impulsivity: The Influence of Acute Methylphenidate and Feedback.
Academic Article The answer is 17 years, what is the question: understanding time lags in translational research.
Academic Article ADHD symptoms in non-treatment seeking young adults: relationship with other forms of impulsivity.
Academic Article Latent class analysis of gambling subtypes and impulsive/compulsive associations: Time to rethink diagnostic boundaries for gambling disorder?
Academic Article Gambling disorder: Association between duration of illness, clinical, and neurocognitive variables.
Academic Article Costs and benefits of neuroimaging research in obsessive-compulsive disorder: time to take stock.
Academic Article An fMRI Pilot Study of Cognitive Flexibility in Trichotillomania.
Academic Article Duration of illness and cortical thickness in trichotillomania: Preliminary evidence for illness change over time.
Academic Article Time to Reconsider Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?: A Case Series Using Phenelzine.
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