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Concept Growth Hormone
Academic Article Effects of aging on glucose regulation during wakefulness and sleep.
Academic Article Steroid receptor coactivator-1 deficiency causes variable alterations in the modulation of T(3)-regulated transcription of genes in vivo.
Academic Article Modulation of glucose regulation and insulin secretion by circadian rhythmicity and sleep.
Academic Article Triiodothyronine stimulates specifically growth hormone mRNA in rat pituitary tumor cells.
Academic Article Induction of hypothyroidism and hypoprolactinemia by growth hormone producing rat pituitary tumors.
Academic Article The differential stimulatory effect of thyroid hormone on growth hormone synthesis and estrogen on prolactin synthesis due to accumulation of specific messenger ribonucleic acids.
Academic Article Effects of 7, 12-dimethylbenz(a)anthracene and estrogen on the transplantation and growth of a rat pituitary tumor.
Academic Article Disappearance rate of endogenous and exogenous human growth hormone in man.
Academic Article Immunoreactive growth hormone in endemic cretins in Ecuador.
Academic Article Chiari-Frommel syndrome in a patient with primary adrenocortical insufficiency.
Academic Article Endemic goiter with hypothyroidism in three generations.
Academic Article Early in vitro induction of rat pituitary GH mRNA by T31.
Academic Article Simultaneous translation of growth hormone and prolactin messenger RNA from rat pituitary tumor cells.
Academic Article Translation of prolactin and growth hormone messenger RNA from rat pituitary tumour cells. Stimulation of GH mRNA activity by triiodothyronine [proceedings].
Academic Article Multifactorial control of the 24-hour secretory profiles of pituitary hormones.
Academic Article Effects of "jet lag" on hormonal patterns. IV. Time shifts increase growth hormone release.
Academic Article Dopaminergic control of prolactin mRNA accumulation in the pituitary of the male rat.
Academic Article Radioimmunoassay of anterior pituitary hormones.
Academic Article Abnormal thyroxine metabolism in hyposomatotrophic dwarfism and inhibition of responsiveness to TRH during GH therapy.
Academic Article Growth hormone responses to thyroid hormone in the neonatal rat: resistance and anamnestic response.

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