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Concept Amino Acids
Concept Bile Acids and Salts
Concept Fatty Acids, Nonesterified
Concept Fatty Acids
Concept Fatty Acids, Volatile
Concept Aminosalicylic Acids
Concept Arachidonic Acids
Academic Article Intestinal water and electrolyte absorption and secretion.
Academic Article SCFA increase intestinal Na absorption by induction of NHE3 in rat colon and human intestinal C2/bbe cells.
Academic Article Luminal bacterial flora determines physiological expression of intestinal epithelial cytoprotective heat shock proteins 25 and 72.
Academic Article Short-chain fatty acids impact on intestinal adaptation, inflammation, carcinoma, and failure.
Academic Article Comparative analysis of the in vitro prosecretory effects of balsalazide, sulfasalazine, olsalazine, and mesalamine in rabbit distal ileum.
Academic Article Phorbol ester-stimulated secretion in chicken ileum: role of arachidonic acid metabolism.
Academic Article The microbe-derived short chain fatty acid butyrate targets miRNA-dependent p21 gene expression in human colon cancer.
Academic Article Dietary-fat-induced taurocholic acid promotes pathobiont expansion and colitis in Il10-/- mice.
Academic Article Effect of disodium azodisalicylate on electrolyte transport in rabbit ileum and colon in vitro. Comparison with sulfasalazine and 5-aminosalicylic acid.
Academic Article Short-chain fatty acids induce intestinal epithelial heat shock protein 25 expression in rats and IEC 18 cells.
Academic Article Fresh perspectives in chronic constipation and other functional bowel disorders.
Academic Article Dietary intervention with vitamin D, calcium, and whey protein reduced fat mass and increased lean mass in rats.
Academic Article Composition of dietary fat source shapes gut microbiota architecture and alters host inflammatory mediators in mouse adipose tissue.
Academic Article Interactions between Diet, Bile Acid Metabolism, Gut Microbiota, and Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.
Academic Article Depot-Specific Changes in Fat Metabolism with Aging in a Type 2 Diabetic Animal Model.
Academic Article Activation of bile acid signaling improves metabolic phenotypes in high-fat diet-induced obese mice.
Academic Article Intersection of the Gut Microbiome and Circadian Rhythms in Metabolism.
Academic Article TGR5 signaling mitigates parenteral nutrition-associated liver disease.
Academic Article Vitamin D Ameliorates Fat Accumulation with AMPK/SIRT1 Activity in C2C12 Skeletal Muscle Cells.
Academic Article Microbially-catalyzed conjugation of GABA and tyramine to bile acids.
Academic Article Bile acid fitness determinants of a Bacteroides fragilis isolate from a human pouchitis patient.
Academic Article Microbially catalyzed conjugation of GABA and tyramine to bile acids.
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