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Concept Electric Stimulation
Academic Article Responses of identified vestibulospinal neurons to voluntary eye and head movements in the squirrel monkey.
Academic Article Contributions of regularly and irregularly discharging vestibular-nerve inputs to the discharge of central vestibular neurons in the alert squirrel monkey.
Academic Article Sensory processing in the vestibular nuclei during active head movements.
Academic Article Signal processing related to the vestibulo-ocular reflex during combined angular rotation and linear translation of the head.
Academic Article Participation of secondary vestibular neurons in nonvisual mechanisms of vestibuloocular reflex cancellation.
Academic Article Integration of vestibular and head movement signals in the vestibular nuclei during whole-body rotation.
Academic Article Self-motion signals in vestibular nuclei neurons projecting to the thalamus in the alert squirrel monkey.
Academic Article Axon collaterals of cat medial rectus motoneurons.
Academic Article An analysis of the morphology and cytology of HRP labeled Purkinje cells.
Academic Article Anatomy and physiology of substantia nigra and retrorubral neurons studied by extra- and intracellular recording and by horseradish peroxidase labeling.
Academic Article Excitatory effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine in the hippocampal-septal circuit.
Academic Article The neurophysiological substrate for the cervico-ocular reflex in the squirrel monkey.
Academic Article Morphological and electrophysiological characteristics of projection neurons in the nucleus interpositus of the cat cerebellum.
Academic Article Synaptic organization of cat accessory abducens nucleus.
Grant Physiology of Oculomotor Premotor Pathways
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