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Concept Chromosomes, Human, Pair 9
Concept Influenza, Human
Concept Herpesvirus 4, Human
Concept Humans
Concept Human Genome Project
Concept Genome, Human
Concept Chromosomes, Human
Academic Article Genetic data and the African origin of humans.
Academic Article Inference of population structure using multilocus genotype data.
Academic Article Use of unlinked genetic markers to detect population stratification in association studies.
Academic Article Association mapping in structured populations.
Academic Article Linkage disequilibrium in humans: models and data.
Academic Article Case-control studies of association in structured or admixed populations.
Academic Article Genetic structure of human populations.
Academic Article Recent common ancestry of human Y chromosomes: evidence from DNA sequence data.
Academic Article Haplotype blocks and linkage disequilibrium in the human genome.
Academic Article Distinctive genetic signatures in the Libyan Jews.
Academic Article Inference of population structure using multilocus genotype data: linked loci and correlated allele frequencies.
Academic Article Statistical tests for admixture mapping with case-control and cases-only data.
Academic Article The allelic architecture of human disease genes: common disease-common variant...or not?
Academic Article Coalescent-based association mapping and fine mapping of complex trait loci.
Academic Article Traces of human migrations in Helicobacter pylori populations.
Academic Article Adaptive evolution of conserved noncoding elements in mammals.
Academic Article A high-resolution survey of deletion polymorphism in the human genome.
Academic Article The effects of genotype-dependent recombination, and transmission asymmetry, on linkage disequilibrium.
Academic Article A map of recent positive selection in the human genome.
Academic Article Sequencing and analysis of Neanderthal genomic DNA.
Academic Article High-resolution mapping of crossovers reveals extensive variation in fine-scale recombination patterns among humans.
Academic Article Informativeness of genetic markers for inference of ancestry.
Academic Article Confounding from cryptic relatedness in case-control association studies.
Academic Article Clines, clusters, and the effect of study design on the inference of human population structure.
Academic Article Effect of read-mapping biases on detecting allele-specific expression from RNA-sequencing data.
Academic Article The genetics of human adaptation: hard sweeps, soft sweeps, and polygenic adaptation.
Academic Article Understanding mechanisms underlying human gene expression variation with RNA sequencing.
Academic Article Convergent adaptation of human lactase persistence in Africa and Europe.
Academic Article Accurate inference of transcription factor binding from DNA sequence and chromatin accessibility data.
Academic Article Adaptive drool in the gene pool.
Academic Article Adaptations to climate-mediated selective pressures in humans.
Academic Article Noisy splicing drives mRNA isoform diversity in human cells.
Academic Article Adaptations to climate in candidate genes for common metabolic disorders.
Academic Article Gene expression levels are a target of recent natural selection in the human genome.
Academic Article Genetic data and the african origin of humans.
Academic Article Efficient counting of k-mers in DNA sequences using a bloom filter.
Academic Article Exon-specific QTLs skew the inferred distribution of expression QTLs detected using gene expression array data.
Academic Article Characterizing natural variation using next-generation sequencing technologies.
Academic Article Inference of population splits and mixtures from genome-wide allele frequency data.
Academic Article Genomics: ENCODE explained.
Academic Article Dissecting the regulatory architecture of gene expression QTLs.
Academic Article The contribution of RNA decay quantitative trait loci to inter-individual variation in steady-state gene expression levels.
Academic Article Revealing the architecture of gene regulation: the promise of eQTL studies.
Academic Article Haplotypic background of a private allele at high frequency in the Americas.
Academic Article Colloquium paper: human adaptations to diet, subsistence, and ecoregion are due to subtle shifts in allele frequency.
Academic Article A systematic survey of loss-of-function variants in human protein-coding genes.
Academic Article How we are evolving.
Academic Article DNA methylation patterns associate with genetic and gene expression variation in HapMap cell lines.
Academic Article A genome-wide study of DNA methylation patterns and gene expression levels in multiple human and chimpanzee tissues.
Academic Article False positive peaks in ChIP-seq and other sequencing-based functional assays caused by unannotated high copy number regions.
Academic Article Comment on "Widespread RNA and DNA sequence differences in the human transcriptome".
Academic Article Adaptation - not by sweeps alone.
Academic Article Whole-genome sequencing data offer insights into human demography.
Academic Article The role of geography in human adaptation.
Academic Article A genome sequence resource for the aye-aye (Daubentonia madagascariensis), a nocturnal lemur from Madagascar.
Academic Article Comparative RNA sequencing reveals substantial genetic variation in endangered primates.
Academic Article DNase?I sensitivity QTLs are a major determinant of human expression variation.
Academic Article Population growth of human Y chromosomes: a study of Y chromosome microsatellites.
Academic Article Are rare variants responsible for susceptibility to complex diseases?
Academic Article Evidence for extensive transmission distortion in the human genome.
Academic Article A worldwide survey of haplotype variation and linkage disequilibrium in the human genome.
Academic Article Overcoming the winner's curse: estimating penetrance parameters from case-control data.
Academic Article Completing the map of human genetic variation.
Academic Article Using population mixtures to optimize the utility of genomic databases: linkage disequilibrium and association study design in India.
Academic Article High-resolution mapping of expression-QTLs yields insight into human gene regulation.
Academic Article Signals of recent positive selection in a worldwide sample of human populations.
Academic Article Using environmental correlations to identify loci underlying local adaptation.
Academic Article Haplotype variation and genotype imputation in African populations.
Academic Article Controls of nucleosome positioning in the human genome.
Academic Article DNA analysis in a paternity case involving a triploid fetus.
Academic Article The genetic architecture of adaptations to high altitude in Ethiopia.
Academic Article The effect of freeze-thaw cycles on gene expression levels in lymphoblastoid cell lines.
Academic Article Methylation QTLs are associated with coordinated changes in transcription factor binding, histone modifications, and gene expression levels.
Academic Article Epigenetic modifications are associated with inter-species gene expression variation in primates.
Academic Article Reprogramming LCLs to iPSCs Results in Recovery of Donor-Specific Gene Expression Signature.
Academic Article The genetic and mechanistic basis for variation in gene regulation.
Academic Article Genomic variation. Impact of regulatory variation from RNA to protein.
Academic Article Identification of genetic variants that affect histone modifications in human cells.
Academic Article Primate transcript and protein expression levels evolve under compensatory selection pressures.
Academic Article fastSTRUCTURE: variational inference of population structure in large SNP data sets.
Academic Article Admixture facilitates genetic adaptations to high altitude in Tibet.
Academic Article The deleterious mutation load is insensitive to recent population history.
Academic Article The functional consequences of variation in transcription factor binding.
Academic Article Archaic humans: Four makes a party.
Academic Article Genetic Control of Chromatin States in Humans Involves Local and Distal Chromosomal Interactions.
Academic Article msCentipede: Modeling Heterogeneity across Genomic Sites and Replicates Improves Accuracy in the Inference of Transcription Factor Binding.
Academic Article WASP: allele-specific software for robust molecular quantitative trait locus discovery.
Academic Article Abundant contribution of short tandem repeats to gene expression variation in humans.
Academic Article Genetic Variation, Not Cell Type of Origin, Underlies the Majority of Identifiable Regulatory Differences in iPSCs.
Academic Article RNA splicing is a primary link between genetic variation and disease.
Academic Article Coregulation of tandem duplicate genes slows evolution of subfunctionalization in mammals.
Academic Article Thousands of novel translated open reading frames in humans inferred by ribosome footprint profiling.
Academic Article Genetic variation in MHC proteins is associated with T cell receptor expression biases.
Academic Article Lineage-specific and single-cell chromatin accessibility charts human hematopoiesis and leukemia evolution.
Academic Article Detection of human adaptation during the past 2000 years.
Academic Article Mutation Rate Variation is a Primary Determinant of the Distribution of Allele Frequencies in Humans.
Academic Article Batch effects and the effective design of single-cell gene expression studies.
Academic Article Tracing the peopling of the world through genomics.
Academic Article An Expanded View of Complex Traits: From Polygenic to Omnigenic.
Academic Article Impact of regulatory variation across human iPSCs and differentiated cells.
Academic Article Quantification of transplant-derived circulating cell-free DNA in absence of a donor genotype.
Academic Article Post-translational buffering leads to convergent protein expression levels between primates.
Academic Article Defective alloantigen-presenting capacity of 'Langerhans cell histiocytosis cells'.
Academic Article Rapid evolution of the human mutation spectrum.
Academic Article Frequent nonallelic gene conversion on the human lineage and its effect on the divergence of gene duplicates.
Academic Article Long term morbidity and health related quality of life after multi-system Langerhans cell histiocytosis.
Academic Article Inferring Relevant Cell Types for Complex Traits by Using Single-Cell Gene Expression.
Academic Article Determining the genetic basis of anthracycline-cardiotoxicity by molecular response QTL mapping in induced cardiomyocytes.
Academic Article High-resolution mapping of cancer cell networks using co-functional interactions.
Academic Article Evidence for Weak Selective Constraint on Human Gene Expression.
Academic Article Interpreting polygenic scores, polygenic adaptation, and human phenotypic differences.
Academic Article Reduced signal for polygenic adaptation of height in UK Biobank.
Academic Article Trans Effects on Gene Expression Can Drive Omnigenic Inheritance.
Academic Article Public Discussion Affects Question Asking at Academic Conferences.
Academic Article Landscape of stimulation-responsive chromatin across diverse human immune cells.
Academic Article Ancient Rome: A genetic crossroads of Europe and the Mediterranean.
Academic Article Chromatin accessibility dynamics in a model of human forebrain development.
Academic Article Variable prediction accuracy of polygenic scores within an ancestry group.
Academic Article Genetics of 35 blood and urine biomarkers in the UK Biobank.
Academic Article A regulatory variant at 3q21.1 confers an increased pleiotropic risk for hyperglycemia and altered bone mineral density.
Academic Article GWAS of three molecular traits highlights core genes and pathways alongside a highly polygenic background.
Academic Article Shared heritability of human face and brain shape.
Academic Article Large-scale cis- and trans-eQTL analyses identify thousands of genetic loci and polygenic scores that regulate blood gene expression.
Academic Article Documentation of Epstein-Barr virus infection in immunodeficient patients with life-threatening lymphoproliferative diseases by clinical, virological, and immunopathological studies.
Academic Article A highly virulent variant of HIV-1 circulating in the Netherlands.
Academic Article Genetic interactions drive heterogeneity in causal variant effect sizes for gene expression and complex traits.
Academic Article Systematic discovery and perturbation of regulatory genes in human T cells reveals the architecture of immune networks.
Academic Article RNA editing underlies genetic risk of common inflammatory diseases.
Academic Article Diversity of ribosomes at the level of rRNA variation associated with human health and disease.
Concept Human Genetics
Concept Human Migration
Grant Decoding the regulatory architecture of the human genome across cell types, individuals and disease
Grant Analysis and interpretation of noncoding regulatory variation
Grant Linkage Disequilibrium Methods For Complex Trait Mapping
Academic Article Precise modulation of transcription factor levels identifies features underlying dosage sensitivity.
Academic Article Narcolepsy risk loci outline role of T cell autoimmunity and infectious triggers in narcolepsy.
Academic Article On the number of genealogical ancestors tracing to the source groups of an admixed population.
Academic Article A genetic history of continuity and mobility in the Iron Age central Mediterranean.
Academic Article CRISPR screens decode cancer cell pathways that trigger ?d T cell detection.
Academic Article A genome-wide genetic screen uncovers determinants of human pigmentation.
Academic Article Base-editing mutagenesis maps alleles to tune human T cell functions.
Academic Article Stable population structure in Europe since the Iron Age, despite high mobility.
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