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Concept Molecular Sequence Data
Academic Article Domain structure of the ribozyme from eubacterial ribonuclease P.
Academic Article Multiple substrate binding sites in the ribozyme from Bacillus subtilis RNase P.
Academic Article Recognition of the T stem-loop of a pre-tRNA substrate by the ribozyme from Bacillus subtilis ribonuclease P.
Academic Article The cleavage step of ribonuclease P catalysis is determined by ribozyme-substrate interactions both distal and proximal to the cleavage site.
Academic Article Altering the intermediate in the equilibrium folding of unmodified yeast tRNAPhe with monovalent and divalent cations.
Academic Article Modular construction for function of a ribonucleoprotein enzyme: the catalytic domain of Bacillus subtilis RNase P complexed with B. subtilis RNase P protein.
Academic Article Recognition of a pre-tRNA substrate by the Bacillus subtilis RNase P holoenzyme.
Academic Article Mg2+-dependent compaction and folding of yeast tRNAPhe and the catalytic domain of the B. subtilis RNase P RNA determined by small-angle X-ray scattering.
Academic Article Pathway modulation, circular permutation and rapid RNA folding under kinetic control.
Academic Article Interaction of structural modules in substrate binding by the ribozyme from Bacillus subtilis RNase P.
Academic Article Design and isolation of ribozyme-substrate pairs using RNase P-based ribozymes containing altered substrate binding sites.
Academic Article A thermodynamic framework and cooperativity in the tertiary folding of a Mg2+-dependent ribozyme.
Academic Article Modular construction of a tertiary RNA structure: the specificity domain of the Bacillus subtilis RNase P RNA.
Academic Article Dimeric and monomeric Bacillus subtilis RNase P holoenzyme in the absence and presence of pre-tRNA substrates.
Academic Article The thermodynamic origin of the stability of a thermophilic ribozyme.
Academic Article Efficient fluorescence labeling of a large RNA through oligonucleotide hybridization.
Academic Article Crystal structure of the specificity domain of ribonuclease P.
Academic Article Mechanistic insights on the folding of a large ribozyme during transcription.
Academic Article Structure of ribonuclease P--a universal ribozyme.
Academic Article Basis for structural diversity in homologous RNAs.
Academic Article A large collapsed-state RNA can exhibit simple exponential single-molecule dynamics.
Academic Article Reduced contact order and RNA folding rates.
Academic Article Functional analysis of human tRNA isodecoders.
Academic Article Discrete structure of an RNA folding intermediate revealed by cryo-electron microscopy.
Academic Article Transcriptional pausing coordinates folding of the aptamer domain and the expression platform of a riboswitch.
Academic Article Structure of a folding intermediate reveals the interplay between core and peripheral elements in RNA folding.
Academic Article Structural basis for altering the stability of homologous RNAs from a mesophilic and a thermophilic bacterium.
Academic Article Selection of circularly permuted ribozymes from Bacillus subtilis RNAse P by substrate binding.
Academic Article Higher order folding and domain analysis of the ribozyme from Bacillus subtilis ribonuclease P.
Academic Article Novel RNA substrates for the ribozyme from Bacillus subtilis ribonuclease P identified by in vitro selection.
Academic Article The 3' substrate determinants for the catalytic efficiency of the Bacillus subtilis RNase P holoenzyme suggest autolytic processing of the RNase P RNA in vivo.
Academic Article The rate-limiting step in the folding of a large ribozyme without kinetic traps.
Academic Article Stepwise conversion of a mesophilic to a thermophilic ribozyme.
Academic Article Diversity of tRNA genes in eukaryotes.
Academic Article Probing N6-methyladenosine RNA modification status at single nucleotide resolution in mRNA and long noncoding RNA.
Academic Article A nutrient-driven tRNA modification alters translational fidelity and genome-wide protein coding across an animal genus.
Academic Article Efficient and quantitative high-throughput tRNA sequencing.
Academic Article Methionine Mistranslation Bypasses the Restraint of the Genetic Code to Generate Mutant Proteins with Distinct Activities.
Academic Article A dual fluorescent reporter for the investigation of methionine mistranslation in live cells.

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