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Concept Tumor Necrosis Factor-alpha
Concept Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor
Concept Receptors, Tumor Necrosis Factor, Type I
Academic Article Mutual regulation of the transcriptional activator NF-kappa B and its inhibitor, I kappa B-alpha.
Academic Article NF kappa B and interferon regulatory factor 1 physically interact and synergistically induce major histocompatibility class I gene expression.
Academic Article The candidate oncoprotein Bcl-3 is an antagonist of p50/NF-kappa B-mediated inhibition.
Academic Article Physical and functional interaction of filamin (actin-binding protein-280) and tumor necrosis factor receptor-associated factor 2.
Academic Article c-FLIP efficiently rescues TRAF-2-/- cells from TNF-induced apoptosis.
Academic Article Induction of gadd45beta by NF-kappaB downregulates pro-apoptotic JNK signalling.
Academic Article NF-kappaB protects from the lysosomal pathway of cell death.
Academic Article Gadd45 beta mediates the NF-kappa B suppression of JNK signalling by targeting MKK7/JNKK2.
Academic Article Ferritin heavy chain upregulation by NF-kappaB inhibits TNFalpha-induced apoptosis by suppressing reactive oxygen species.
Academic Article Linking JNK signaling to NF-kappaB: a key to survival.
Academic Article Mutual cross-talk between reactive oxygen species and nuclear factor-kappa B: molecular basis and biological significance.
Academic Article Oxygen JNKies: phosphatases overdose on ROS.
Academic Article Coordination between NF-kappaB family members p50 and p52 is essential for mediating LTbetaR signals in the development and organization of secondary lymphoid tissues.
Academic Article The NF-kappaB-mediated control of the JNK cascade in the antagonism of programmed cell death in health and disease.
Academic Article Differential regulation of CCL21 in lymphoid/nonlymphoid tissues for effectively attracting T cells to peripheral tissues.
Academic Article A method for isolating prosurvival targets of NF-kappaB/Rel transcription factors.
Academic Article CD95 ligand induces motility and invasiveness of apoptosis-resistant tumor cells.
Academic Article Gadd45beta promotes hepatocyte survival during liver regeneration in mice by modulating JNK signaling.
Academic Article Growth arrest and DNA damage protein 45b (Gadd45b) protects retinal ganglion cells from injuries.
Academic Article NF-kappaB and JNK: an intricate affair.
Academic Article The NF-kappaB transcription factor pathway as a therapeutic target in cancer: methods for detection of NF-kappaB activity.
Academic Article The NF-kappaB-mediated control of ROS and JNK signaling.
Academic Article Programmed necrosis induced by asbestos in human mesothelial cells causes high-mobility group box 1 protein release and resultant inflammation.
Academic Article Upregulation of Twist-1 by NF-kappaB blocks cytotoxicity induced by chemotherapeutic drugs.
Academic Article TNF-alpha inhibits asbestos-induced cytotoxicity via a NF-kappaB-dependent pathway, a possible mechanism for asbestos-induced oncogenesis.
Academic Article Control of I kappa B-alpha proteolysis by site-specific, signal-induced phosphorylation.
Academic Article Insights into the structural basis of the GADD45beta-mediated inactivation of the JNK kinase, MKK7/JNKK2.
Grant The NF-kB Target, Gadd45Beta, in Lymphocytes and Liver
Grant Gadd45beta in JNK Signaling, Apoptosis, and Cancer
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