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Concept Mice, Inbred BALB C
Academic Article B and T cells are required for mouse mammary tumor virus spread within the mammary gland.
Academic Article Diverse repertoire of the MHC class II-peptide complexes is required for presentation of viral superantigens.
Academic Article Characterization of a novel murine retrovirus mixture that facilitates hematopoiesis.
Academic Article Initial stages of mammary tumor virus infection are superantigen independent.
Academic Article Unique resistance of I/LnJ mice to a retrovirus is due to sustained interferon gamma-dependent production of virus-neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Sequences within the gag gene of mouse mammary tumor virus needed for mammary gland cell transformation.
Academic Article Coexpression of exogenous and endogenous mouse mammary tumor virus RNA in vivo results in viral recombination and broadens the virus host range.
Academic Article Both T and B cells shed infectious mouse mammary tumor virus.
Academic Article Polymorphic Immune Mechanisms Regulate Commensal Repertoire.
Academic Article An Immunologic Mode of Multigenerational Transmission Governs a Gut Treg Setpoint.
Academic Article Genetic Control of Neonatal Immune Tolerance to an Exogenous Retrovirus.
Grant Leukemia-promoting effects of microbiota
Grant Mechanism of Resistance to MMTV Induced Mammary Tumors
Grant Cloning of the vic1 gene, a novel retrovirus restriction factor
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