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Concept Lymphocyte Activation
Academic Article EblacZ tumor dormancy in bone marrow and lymph nodes: active control of proliferating tumor cells by CD8+ immune T cells.
Academic Article A critical role for the cytoplasmic tail of pTalpha in T lymphocyte development.
Academic Article Somatic activation of beta-catenin bypasses pre-TCR signaling and TCR selection in thymocyte development.
Academic Article Unequal contribution of Akt isoforms in the double-negative to double-positive thymocyte transition.
Academic Article T-regulatory cells shift from a protective anti-inflammatory to a cancer-promoting proinflammatory phenotype in polyposis.
Academic Article Differential synergy of Notch and T cell receptor signaling determines alphabeta versus gammadelta lineage fate.
Academic Article Beta-catenin inhibits T cell activation by selective interference with linker for activation of T cells-phospholipase C-?1 phosphorylation.
Academic Article Current status of interleukin-10 and regulatory T-cells in cancer.
Academic Article ß-Catenin promotes colitis and colon cancer through imprinting of proinflammatory properties in T cells.
Academic Article ß-Catenin induces T-cell transformation by promoting genomic instability.
Academic Article Preferential expansion of pro-inflammatory Tregs in human non-small cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Wnt-ß-catenin activation epigenetically reprograms Treg cells in inflammatory bowel disease and dysplastic progression.
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