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overview My research program at the University of Chicago focuses on vertebrate axial regionalization during development using the zebrafish as a model. My group takes a variety of molecular, cellular and genetic approaches to these studies, and we have made important contributions to a variety of research areas, including the understanding of Hox gene regulation of hindbrain patterning, evolution of duplicated genes and genomes in the vertebrates, and patterning of endoderm-derived tissues. Active areas of research in my lab include continuing studies of hindbrain patterning, with an emphasis on understanding neuronal and neural crest migration.

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Concept Rhombencephalon
Academic Article Zebrafish hox genes: expression in the hindbrain region of wild-type and mutants of the segmentation gene, valentino.
Academic Article Late effects of retinoic acid on neural crest and aspects of rhombomere.
Academic Article Plasticity in zebrafish hox expression in the hindbrain and cranial neural crest.
Academic Article The Hox Paradox: More complex(es) than imagined.
Academic Article spiel ohne grenzen/pou2 is required for zebrafish hindbrain segmentation.
Academic Article Knockdown of duplicated zebrafish hoxb1 genes reveals distinct roles in hindbrain patterning and a novel mechanism of duplicate gene retention.
Academic Article Hox gene misexpression and cell-specific lesions reveal functionality of homeotically transformed neurons.
Academic Article Repression of the hindbrain developmental program by Cdx factors is required for the specification of the vertebrate spinal cord.
Academic Article Zic1 and Zic4 regulate zebrafish roof plate specification and hindbrain ventricle morphogenesis.
Academic Article Prickle1b mediates interpretation of migratory cues during zebrafish facial branchiomotor neuron migration.
Academic Article Model organisms inform the search for the genes and developmental pathology underlying malformations of the human hindbrain.
Academic Article Multiple mechanisms mediate motor neuron migration in the zebrafish hindbrain.
Academic Article Hoxa-2 expression in normal and transposed rhombomeres: independent regulation in the neural tube and neural crest.
Academic Article Conserved co-regulation and promoter sharing of hoxb3a and hoxb4a in zebrafish.
Academic Article Constructing the hindbrain: insights from the zebrafish.
Academic Article Selective dispersal of avian rhombomere cells in orthotopic and heterotopic grafts.
Academic Article Axon tracts guide zebrafish facial branchiomotor neuron migration through the hindbrain.
Academic Article Rest represses maturation within migrating facial branchiomotor neurons.

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