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Concept Craniosynostoses
Academic Article Orbital dysmorphology in unilateral coronal synostosis.
Academic Article Plagiocephaly: differential diagnosis based on endocranial morphology.
Academic Article Mandibular dysmorphology in unicoronal synostosis and plagiocephaly without synostosis.
Academic Article The craniofacial anomalies archive at St. Louis Children's Hospital: 20 years of craniofacial imaging experience.
Academic Article Unicoronal synostosis. A surgical intervention.
Academic Article Surgical management of sagittal synostosis. A quantitative evaluation of two techniques.
Academic Article Craniosynostosis: image quality, confidence, and correctness in diagnosis.
Academic Article Growth of the cranial base in craniosynostosis.
Academic Article The anatomy of the cranio-orbital deformities of craniosynostosis: insights from 3-D images of CT scans.
Academic Article Osseous anatomy of unilateral coronal synostosis.
Academic Article Cranial base changes following surgical treatment of craniosynostosis.
Academic Article Effect of premature sagittal suture closure on craniofacial morphology in a prehistoric male Hopi.
Academic Article Binary nature and radiographic identifiability of craniosynostosis.
Academic Article Cartographic mapping of the skull from computed tomography scans.
Academic Article Craniosynostosis: diagnostic imaging with three-dimensional CT presentation.
Academic Article Craniosynostosis: diagnostic value of three-dimensional CT reconstruction.
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