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Concept Nicotine
Academic Article Cortico-subcortical interactions in behavioral sensitization: differential effects of daily nicotine and morphine.
Academic Article Nicotine and morphine differentially activate brain dopamine in prefrontocortical and subcortical terminal fields: effects of acute and repeated injections.
Academic Article Exposure to nicotine and sensitization of nicotine-induced behaviors.
Academic Article Enhanced nicotinic receptor function and drug abuse vulnerability.
Academic Article Nicotine-induced upregulation of nicotinic receptors: underlying mechanisms and relevance to nicotine addiction.
Academic Article Injections of 6-hydroxydopamine into the ventral tegmental area destroy mesolimbic dopamine neurons but spare the locomotor activating effects of nicotine in the rat.
Academic Article Nicotinic excitation of serotonergic projections from dorsal raphe to the nucleus accumbens.
Academic Article Previous exposure to nicotine enhances the incentive motivational effects of amphetamine via nicotine-associated contextual stimuli.
Academic Article Locomotor response to novelty predicts a rat's propensity to self-administer nicotine.
Academic Article Intermittent nicotine exposure upregulates nAChRs in VTA dopamine neurons and sensitises locomotor responding to the drug.
Academic Article Exposure to nicotine enhances its subsequent self-administration: contribution of nicotine-associated contextual stimuli.

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