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Concept Genetic Predisposition to Disease
Academic Article Relative risk for genetic associations: the case-parent triad as a variant of case-cohort design.
Academic Article Measures of genotype versus gene products: promise and pitfalls in cancer prevention.
Academic Article Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-DNA adducts in liver tissues of hepatocellular carcinoma patients and controls.
Academic Article DNA repair gene XPD and susceptibility to arsenic-induced hyperkeratosis.
Academic Article Further development of the case-only design for assessing gene-environment interaction: evaluation of and adjustment for bias.
Academic Article Covariate adjustment in family-based association studies.
Academic Article A family-based genetic association study of variants in estrogen-metabolism genes COMT and CYP1B1 and breast cancer risk.
Academic Article TGFBR1*6A may contribute to hereditary colorectal cancer.
Academic Article No major association between TGFBR1*6A and prostate cancer.
Academic Article A CYP19 (aromatase) polymorphism is associated with increased premenopausal breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Do placental genes affect maternal breast cancer? Association between offspring's CGB5 and CSH1 gene variants and maternal breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Methods for assessing familial aggregation: family history measures and confounding in the standard cohort, reconstructed cohort and case-control designs.
Academic Article Clinical assessment incorporating a personal genome.
Academic Article Case-only genome-wide interaction study of disease risk, prognosis and treatment.
Academic Article Variants in estrogen-biosynthesis genes CYP17 and CYP19 and breast cancer risk: a family-based genetic association study.
Academic Article Association study of type 2 diabetes genetic susceptibility variants and risk of pancreatic cancer: an analysis of PanScan-I data.
Academic Article Genome-wide "pleiotropy scan" identifies HNF1A region as a novel pancreatic cancer susceptibility locus.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study identifies chromosome 10q24.32 variants associated with arsenic metabolism and toxicity phenotypes in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Combined genetic assessment of transforming growth factor-beta signaling pathway variants may predict breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Genetic susceptibility to type 2 diabetes is associated with reduced prostate cancer risk.
Academic Article Power and instrument strength requirements for Mendelian randomization studies using multiple genetic variants.
Academic Article Unidentified genetic variants influence pancreatic cancer risk: an analysis of polygenic susceptibility in the PanScan study.
Academic Article Susceptibility to arsenic-induced hyperkeratosis and oxidative stress genes myeloperoxidase and catalase.
Academic Article Arsenic metabolism, genetic susceptibility, and risk of premalignant skin lesions in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Variants of the adiponectin and adiponectin receptor 1 genes and breast cancer risk.
Academic Article Arsenic metabolism efficiency has a causal role in arsenic toxicity: Mendelian randomization and gene-environment interaction.
Academic Article A genome-wide association study of early-onset breast cancer identifies PFKM as a novel breast cancer gene and supports a common genetic spectrum for breast cancer at any age.
Academic Article Genome-wide association analysis of more than 120,000 individuals identifies 15 new susceptibility loci for breast cancer.
Academic Article Interaction between arsenic exposure from drinking water and genetic susceptibility in carotid intima-media thickness in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Genetic determinants of telomere length and risk of common cancers: a Mendelian randomization study.
Academic Article Gene-arsenic interaction in longitudinal changes of blood pressure: Findings from the Health Effects of Arsenic Longitudinal Study (HEALS) in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Trans-ancestry genome-wide association study identifies 12 genetic loci influencing blood pressure and implicates a role for DNA methylation.
Academic Article A distinct and replicable variant of the squamous cell carcinoma gene inositol polyphosphate-5-phosphatase modifies the susceptibility of arsenic-associated skin lesions in Bangladesh.
Academic Article Association of genetic susceptibility variants for type 2 diabetes with breast cancer risk in women of European ancestry.
Academic Article Identification of four novel susceptibility loci for oestrogen receptor negative breast cancer.
Academic Article Genetically Predicted Body Mass Index and Breast Cancer Risk: Mendelian Randomization Analyses of Data from 145,000 Women of European Descent.
Academic Article Genetic susceptibility markers for a breast-colorectal cancer phenotype: Exploratory results from genome-wide association studies.
Academic Article Screening for gene-environment (G×E) interaction using omics data from exposed individuals: an application to gene-arsenic interaction.
Academic Article Genome-wide association study of telomere length among South Asians identifies a second RTEL1 association signal.
Academic Article Serum homocysteine, arsenic methylation, and arsenic-induced skin lesion incidence in Bangladesh: A one-carbon metabolism candidate gene study.
Academic Article Association analysis identifies 65 new breast cancer risk loci.
Academic Article A meta-analysis approach with filtering for identifying gene-level gene-environment interactions.
Academic Article Germline Variation and Breast Cancer Incidence: A Gene-Based Association Study and Whole-Genome Prediction of Early-Onset Breast Cancer.
Academic Article Identification of ten variants associated with risk of estrogen-receptor-negative breast cancer.
Academic Article The effect of age on DNA methylation in whole blood among Bangladeshi men and women.
Academic Article Research Participants' Attitudes towards Receiving Information on Genetic Susceptibility to Arsenic Toxicity in Rural Bangladesh.
Grant Genetic Susceptibility to Arsenic-induced Skin Cancer

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