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Concept Circadian Rhythm
Concept Sleep Disorders, Circadian Rhythm
Academic Article Cortisol secretion is related to electroencephalographic alertness in human subjects during daytime wakefulness.
Academic Article Effect of the shift of the sleep-wake cycle on three robust endocrine markers of the circadian clock.
Academic Article Relationships between intact parathyroid hormone 24-hour profiles, sleep-wake cycle, and sleep electroencephalographic activity in man.
Academic Article Pulsatile cortisol secretion and EEG delta waves are controlled by two independent but synchronized generators.
Academic Article [Sleeping sickness: major disorders of circadian rhythm].
Academic Article Sleep during Ramadan intermittent fasting.
Academic Article Distinctive effects of modafinil and d-amphetamine on the homeostatic and circadian modulation of the human waking EEG.
Academic Article Hypocretin and human African trypanosomiasis.
Academic Article Time of night and first night effects on arousal response in healthy adults.
Academic Article Temporal disorganization of circadian rhythmicity and sleep-wake regulation in mechanically ventilated patients receiving continuous intravenous sedation.
Academic Article Twenty-four-hour disruption of the sleep-wake cycle and sleep-onset REM-like episodes in a rat model of African trypanosomiasis.
Academic Article Sleep restriction increases free fatty acids in healthy men.
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