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Concept Auditory Perception
Concept Pitch Perception
Concept Time Perception
Academic Article Temporal and harmonic combination-sensitive neurons in the zebra finch's HVc.
Academic Article Distributed time-domain representations in the birdsong system.
Academic Article Template-based automatic recognition of birdsong syllables from continuous recordings.
Academic Article Automated recognition of bird song elements from continuous recordings using dynamic time warping and hidden Markov models: a comparative study.
Academic Article Neuroscience. The song does not remain the same.
Academic Article State and neuronal class-dependent reconfiguration in the avian song system.
Academic Article Recursive syntactic pattern learning by songbirds.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent consolidation of auditory discrimination learning in adult starlings.
Academic Article What birds have to say about language.
Academic Article Preference for autogenous song by auditory neurons in a song system nucleus of the white-crowned sparrow.
Academic Article Simple stimuli, simple strategies.
Academic Article Distributed representation in the song system of oscines: evolutionary implications and functional consequences.
Academic Article Global synchronous response to autogenous song in zebra finch HVc.
Academic Article Emergence of selectivity and tolerance in the avian auditory cortex.
Academic Article Functional organization of forebrain pathways for song production and perception.
Academic Article Neuronal populations and single cells representing learned auditory objects.
Academic Article The effects of delayed auditory feedback revealed by bone conduction microphone in adult zebra finches.
Academic Article Temporal and rate code analysis of responses to low-frequency components in the bird's own song by song system neurons.
Academic Article Differential development of retroactive and proactive interference during post-learning wakefulness.
Academic Article Rhythm: Similar Structure in Birdsong and Music Gives Neuroethological Insight.
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