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Concept Prosencephalon
Academic Article Parallel pathways and convergence onto HVc and adjacent neostriatum of adult zebra finches (Taeniopygia guttata).
Academic Article Temporal hierarchical control of singing in birds.
Academic Article Distributed time-domain representations in the birdsong system.
Academic Article Behavioral state modulation of auditory activity in a vocal motor system.
Academic Article Neuroscience. The song does not remain the same.
Academic Article Song replay during sleep and computational rules for sensorimotor vocal learning.
Academic Article Gradual emergence of song selectivity in sensorimotor structures of the male zebra finch song system.
Academic Article Basal forebrain cholinergic modulation of auditory activity in the zebra finch song system.
Academic Article Motor control of birdsong.
Academic Article Sleep and sensorimotor integration during early vocal learning in a songbird.
Academic Article Neuron-specific cholinergic modulation of a forebrain song control nucleus.
Academic Article Representations of conspecific song by starling secondary forebrain auditory neurons: toward a hierarchical framework.
Academic Article Introducing songbirds as a model system for epilepsy research.
Academic Article Distributed representation in the song system of oscines: evolutionary implications and functional consequences.
Academic Article Song tutoring in presinging zebra finch juveniles biases a small population of higher-order song-selective neurons toward the tutor song.
Academic Article Functional organization of forebrain pathways for song production and perception.
Academic Article Neuronal populations and single cells representing learned auditory objects.
Academic Article Temporal and rate code analysis of responses to low-frequency components in the bird's own song by song system neurons.
Grant Temporal Patterns in Sleep Mechanisms of Learning
Grant Neurophysiology of Sensorimotor Learning
Grant Plasticity of intrinsic neuronal properties, error signals, and network models in sensorimotor learning
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