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overview The primary focus of our group is to apply a diversity of analytical tools, including network science approaches to corticalcircuit dynamics in order to: 1) establish the higher-order cellular and synaptic mechanisms that propagate spikes, 2) to build improved encoding and decoding models of single-trial circuit activity in behaving mammals, and 3) to compare and contrast sensory and motor areas of neocortex.
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Academic Article Local changes in neocortical circuit dynamics coincide with the spread of seizures to thalamus in a model of epilepsy.
Academic Article Scaling of topologically similar functional modules defines mouse primary auditory and somatosensory microcircuitry.
Academic Article Circuit reactivation dynamically regulates synaptic plasticity in neocortex.
Academic Article Internal dynamics determine the cortical response to thalamic stimulation.
Academic Article Mouse visual neocortex supports multiple stereotyped patterns of microcircuit activity.
Academic Article Analysis of graph invariants in functional neocortical circuitry reveals generalized features common to three areas of sensory cortex.
Academic Article The upshot of up states in the neocortex: from slow oscillations to memory formation.
Academic Article Spontaneous activations follow a common developmental course across primary sensory areas in mouse neocortex.
Academic Article Higher-Order Synaptic Interactions Coordinate Dynamics in Recurrent Networks.
Academic Article Emergent cortical circuit dynamics contain dense, interwoven ensembles of spike sequences.
Academic Article Cyclic transitions between higher order motifs underlie sustained asynchronous spiking in sparse recurrent networks.
Academic Article Large-Scale Algorithmic Search Identifies Stiff and Sloppy Dimensions in Synaptic Architectures Consistent With Murine Neocortical Wiring.
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