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Academic Article Spectral analysis of arterial blood pressure and raphe magnus neuronal activity in anesthetized rats.
Academic Article Physiological properties of raphe magnus neurons during sleep and waking.
Academic Article Effects of isoflurane concentration on the activity of pontomedullary raphe and medial reticular neurons in the rat.
Academic Article Physiological survey of medullary raphe and magnocellular reticular neurons in the anesthetized rat.
Academic Article SEROTONERGIC pontomedullary neurons are not activated by antinociceptive stimulation in the periaqueductal gray.
Academic Article Somatodendritic and axonal anatomy of intracellularly labeled serotonergic neurons in the rat medulla.
Academic Article Activation of serotonergic neurons in the raphe magnus is not necessary for morphine analgesia.
Academic Article Physiological identification of pontomedullary serotonergic neurons in the rat.
Academic Article The discharge of a subset of serotonergic raphe magnus cells is influenced by baroreceptor input.
Academic Article Serotonergic Raphe magnus cells that respond to noxious tail heat are not ON or OFF cells.
Academic Article Contributions of the medullary raphe and ventromedial reticular region to pain modulation and other homeostatic functions.
Academic Article Physiological and anatomic evidence for functional subclasses of serotonergic raphe magnus cells.
Academic Article Brainstem modulation of pain during sleep and waking.
Academic Article Discharge of raphe magnus ON and OFF cells is predictive of the motor facilitation evoked by repeated laser stimulation.
Academic Article Raphe magnus neurons respond to noxious colorectal distension.
Academic Article Movement-related discharge of ventromedial medullary neurons.
Academic Article Role for raphe magnus neuronal responses in the behavioral reactions to colorectal distension.
Academic Article Deconstructing endogenous pain modulations.
Academic Article Medullary raphe neurons facilitate brown adipose tissue activation.
Academic Article Raphe magnus neurons help protect reactions to visceral pain from interruption by cutaneous pain.
Academic Article Activity of murine raphe magnus cells predicts tachypnea and on-going nociceptive responsiveness.
Academic Article Serotonergic raphe magnus cell discharge reflects ongoing autonomic and respiratory activities.
Academic Article Opioids disrupt pro-nociceptive modulation mediated by raphe magnus.
Academic Article Physiological functions of pontomedullary raphe and medial reticular neurons.
Academic Article The modulatory effects of rostral ventromedial medulla on air-puff evoked microarousals in rats.
Academic Article Caffeine accelerates recovery from general anesthesia.
Grant Pain Modulation and Visceral Stimulation
Grant Opioid Analgesia in Awake Mice
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