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Concept HLA Antigens
Academic Article HLA-G1 protein expression is not essential for fetal survival.
Academic Article Paternally inherited HLA alleles are associated with women's choice of male odor.
Academic Article A null mutation in HLA-G is not associated with preeclampsia or intrauterine growth retardation.
Academic Article Variation in the HLA-G promoter region influences miscarriage rates.
Academic Article Linkage disequilibrium and age estimates of a deletion polymorphism (1597DeltaC) in HLA-G suggest non-neutral evolution.
Academic Article Evidence of balancing selection at the HLA-G promoter region.
Academic Article Does HLA-dependent chimerism underlie the pathogenesis of juvenile dermatomyositis?
Academic Article HLA-G and immune tolerance in pregnancy.
Academic Article Allele-specific targeting of microRNAs to HLA-G and risk of asthma.
Academic Article Genetic analysis of HLA in the U.S. Schmiedenleut Hutterites.
Academic Article Adverse effects of human leukocyte antigen-DR sharing on fertility: a cohort study in a human isolate.
Academic Article MHC class II compatibility in aborted fetuses and term infants of couples with recurrent spontaneous abortion.
Academic Article Sequence variations at the human leukocyte antigen-linked olfactory receptor cluster do not influence female preferences for male odors.
Academic Article Shared HLA antigens and reproductive performance among Hutterites.
Academic Article HLA and mate choice in humans.
Academic Article Fine mapping and positional candidate studies identify HLA-G as an asthma susceptibility gene on chromosome 6p21.
Academic Article The miscarriage-associated HLA-G -725G allele influences transcription rates in JEG-3 cells.
Academic Article HLA-G genotypes and pregnancy outcome in couples with unexplained recurrent miscarriage.
Academic Article Effect of inbreeding avoidance on Hardy-Weinberg expectations: examples of neutral and selected loci.
Academic Article HLA and pregnancy: the paradox of the fetal allograft.
Academic Article HLA-G polymorphisms: neutral evolution or novel function?
Academic Article Population genetic studies of HLA-E: evidence for selection.
Academic Article Population genetic studies of HLA-G: allele frequencies and linkage disequilibrium with HLA-A1.
Academic Article Human leukocyte antigen matching and fetal loss: results of a 10 year prospective study.
Academic Article Advances in asthma and allergic disease genetics: Is bigger always better?
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