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Concept Solitary Pulmonary Nodule
Academic Article Lung cancer: performance of automated lung nodule detection applied to cancers missed in a CT screening program.
Academic Article Automated lung nodule classification following automated nodule detection on CT: a serial approach.
Academic Article Massive training artificial neural network (MTANN) for reduction of false positives in computerized detection of lung nodules in low-dose computed tomography.
Academic Article Computerized scheme for determination of the likelihood measure of malignancy for pulmonary nodules on low-dose CT images.
Academic Article Radiologists' performance for differentiating benign from malignant lung nodules on high-resolution CT using computer-estimated likelihood of malignancy.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnostic scheme for distinction between benign and malignant nodules in thoracic low-dose CT by use of massive training artificial neural network.
Academic Article Integrating PET and CT information to improve diagnostic accuracy for lung nodules: A semiautomatic computer-aided method.
Academic Article Evaluation of automated lung nodule detection on low-dose computed tomography scans from a lung cancer screening program(1).
Academic Article Improving radiologists' recommendations with computer-aided diagnosis for management of small nodules detected by CT.
Academic Article Usefulness of computer-aided diagnosis schemes for vertebral fractures and lung nodules on chest radiographs.
Academic Article An investigation of radiologists' perception of lesion similarity: observations with paired breast masses on mammograms and paired lung nodules on CT images.
Academic Article Computerized detection of lung nodules in thin-section CT images by use of selective enhancement filters and an automated rule-based classifier.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis in thoracic CT.
Academic Article Improved detection of subtle lung nodules by use of chest radiographs with bone suppression imaging: receiver operating characteristic analysis with and without localization.
Academic Article Computerized scheme for automated detection of lung nodules in low-dose computed tomography images for lung cancer screening.
Academic Article Computer-aided diagnosis for the detection and classification of lung cancers on chest radiographs ROC analysis of radiologists' performance.
Academic Article Computer-aided nodule detection system: results in an unselected series of consecutive chest radiographs.
Academic Article ROC Curve for Extremely Subtle Lung Nodules on Chest Radiographs Confirmed by CT Scan.
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