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Concept Genetic Testing
Academic Article Fragile X screening: attitudes of genetic health professionals.
Academic Article Policy considerations in designing a fragile X population screening program.
Academic Article Genetic exceptionalism vs. paradigm shift: lessons from HIV.
Academic Article Predictive genetic testing for conditions that present in childhood.
Academic Article Should children and adolescents undergo genetic testing?
Academic Article Consent for clinical research.
Academic Article Ethical issues in genetic testing of children.
Academic Article Attitudes of healthcare professionals and parents regarding genetic testing for violent traits in childhood.
Academic Article Parental attitudes and beliefs regarding the genetic testing of children.
Academic Article Ethical and policy issues in pediatric genetics.
Academic Article From genetics to genomics: ethics, policy, and parental decision-making.
Academic Article Disclosing misattributed paternity.
Academic Article Professional and personal attitudes about access and confidentiality in the genetic testing of children: a pilot study.
Academic Article Ethical and policy issues in genetic testing.
Academic Article Screening for conditions that do not meet the Wilson and Jungner criteria: the case of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.
Academic Article Ethical issues in haemophilia.
Academic Article Informed consent for genetic research involving pleiotropic genes: an empirical study of ApoE research.
Academic Article Genetic testing of adolescents: is it in their best interest?
Academic Article The ethics of preadoption genetic testing.
Academic Article Parental attitudes regarding newborn screening of PKU and DMD.
Academic Article Ethical issues in identifying and recruiting participants for familial genetic research.
Academic Article Clinical and ethical considerations in managing carrier detection.
Academic Article A pilot study to evaluate awareness of and attitudes about prenatal and neonatal genetic testing in postpartum African American women.
Academic Article A re-examination of the use of ethnicity in prenatal carrier testing.
Academic Article Ethical and policy issues raised by heterozygote carrier identification and predictive genetic testing of adolescents.
Academic Article Attitudes of genetic counselors towards expanding newborn screening and offering predictive genetic testing to children.
Academic Article Heterozygote carrier testing in high schools abroad: what are the lessons for the U.S.?
Academic Article Methodology matters.
Academic Article Population screening for genetic disorders in the 21st century: evidence, economics, and ethics.
Academic Article A pilot study to evaluate knowledge and attitudes of Illinois pediatricians toward newborn screening for sickle cell disease and cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article Technical report: Ethical and policy issues in genetic testing and screening of children.
Academic Article Addressing the ethical challenges in genetic testing and sequencing of children.
Academic Article Predictive genetic testing of children and the role of the best interest standard.
Academic Article Mandatory extended searches in all genome sequencing: "incidental findings," patient autonomy, and shared decision making.
Academic Article Recommendations for returning genomic incidental findings? We need to talk!
Academic Article Ethical and policy issues in newborn screening of children for neurologic and developmental disorders.
Academic Article Introducing Genetic Tests With Uncertain Implications in Living Donor Kidney Transplantation: ApoL1 as a Case Study.
Academic Article Genetic Testing by Sports Medicine Physicians in the United States: Attitudes, Experiences, and Knowledge.
Academic Article Ethical Issues in Newborn Sequencing Research: The Case Study of BabySeq.
Academic Article Correspondence on "Exploring the motivations of research participants who chose not to learn medically actionable secondary findings about themselves" by Schupmann et al.
Academic Article Diagnosis, treatment and disclosure: A qualitative exploration of participant challenges in a Monogenic Diabetes Registry.
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