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Concept Waiting Lists
Academic Article Should all living donors be treated equally?
Academic Article Attitudes of minority patients with end-stage renal disease regarding ABO-incompatible list-paired exchanges.
Academic Article Neighborhood poverty, racial composition and renal transplant waitlist.
Academic Article Equal Opportunity Supplemented by Fair Innings: equity and efficiency in allocating deceased donor kidneys.
Academic Article Shared decision making in deceased-donor transplantation.
Academic Article Restricting living-donor-cadaver-donor exchanges to ensure that standard blood type O wait-list candidates benefit.
Academic Article Primum non nocere: avoiding harm to vulnerable wait list candidates in an indirect kidney exchange.
Academic Article The ethical limits in expanding living donor transplantation.
Academic Article Racial disparities in reaching the renal transplant waitlist: is geography as important as race?
Academic Article Living kidney donors and ESRD.
Academic Article Impact of the kidney allocation system on young pediatric recipients.
Academic Article Association of Transplant Center With Survival Benefit Among Adults Undergoing Heart Transplant in the United States.
Academic Article Ethics of Organ Transplantation in Persons with Intellectual Disability.
Academic Article International Pediatric Transplant Association (IPTA) position statement supporting prioritizing pediatric recipients for deceased donor organ allocation.
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