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Concept Sympathetic Nervous System
Academic Article Entrainment pattern between sympathetic and phrenic nerve activities in the Sprague-Dawley rat: hypoxia-evoked sympathetic activity during expiration.
Academic Article Systemic, cellular and molecular analysis of chemoreflex-mediated sympathoexcitation by chronic intermittent hypoxia.
Academic Article Sympatho-adrenal activation by chronic intermittent hypoxia.
Academic Article Inhibitory sympathetic action on the carotid body responses to sustained hypoxia.
Academic Article Respiratory and vasomotor responses to focal cooling of the ventral medullary surface (VMS) of the rat.
Academic Article Acute intermittent hypoxia increases both phrenic and sympathetic nerve activities in the rat.
Academic Article Effect of focal cooling of central chemosensitive areas on cerebral ischemic response.
Academic Article Effect of distension of urinary bladder on blood pressure and respiration.
Academic Article Ventral medullary surface inputs to cervical sympathetic respiratory oscillations.
Academic Article Cardiorespiratory changes induced by vertebral artery injection of sodium cyanide in cats.
Academic Article Mechanisms of sympathetic activation and blood pressure elevation by intermittent hypoxia.
Academic Article Is insulin the new intermittent hypoxia?
Academic Article Carotid body chemoreflex: a driver of autonomic abnormalities in sleep apnoea.
Academic Article Role of the carotid chemoreceptors in insulin-mediated sympathoexcitation in humans.
Academic Article Role of olfactory receptor78 in carotid body-dependent sympathetic activation and hypertension in murine models of chronic intermittent hypoxia.

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