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Concept Airway Resistance
Academic Article Tachykinin receptor antagonists inhibit hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Augmented muscarinic responsiveness caused by 5-lipoxygenase products secreted from alveolar macrophages in isolated-perfused rat lung.
Academic Article Hyperoxia-induced airway remodeling in immature rats. Correlation with airway responsiveness.
Academic Article The use and misuse of Penh in animal models of lung disease.
Academic Article Time course of bronchoconstriction induced by dry gas hyperpnea in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Effects of surface tension and viscosity on airway reopening.
Academic Article Properties of steady maximal expiratory flow within excised canine central airways.
Academic Article Calcium channel blocking agents in bronchial hyperreactivity.
Academic Article Interdependent regional lung emptying during forced expiration: a transistor model.
Academic Article Impaired sensorineural function after allergen-induced mediator release.
Academic Article Bronchoconstriction elicited by isocapnic hyperpnea in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Influence of the endotracheal tube on CO2 transport during high-frequency ventilation.
Academic Article Persistent airway hyperresponsiveness and histologic alterations after chronic antigen challenge in cats.
Academic Article Recovery of airway structure and function after hyperoxic exposure in immature rats.
Academic Article Ontogeny of dry gas hyperpnea-induced bronchoconstriction in guinea pigs.
Academic Article Distribution of airway contractile responses within the major diameter bronchi during exogenous bronchoconstriction.
Academic Article Partitioning of pulmonary resistance during constriction in the dog: effects of volume history.
Academic Article Hypercapnia increases airway smooth muscle contractility via caspase-7-mediated miR-133a-RhoA signaling.
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