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overview The unifying theme of my lab is the elucidation of molecular mechanisms underlying management chromatin, the physiological form of the genome. In particular, we are interested in how post translational modifications to histones, newly appreciated DNA modifications and noncoding RNA can control chromatin structure. Our research spans several traditional disciplines, ranging from discovery biochemistry and genome-scale measurements to mechanistic characterization with biophysical methods coupled with X-Ray structure to address fundamental questions in chromatin biology. We have pioneered new technologies to make quantitative local measurements of chromatin components. Projects ideally will transition from discovery biology to detailed molecular and structural investigation.

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Concept Histones
Concept Histone Code
Concept Histone Acetyltransferases
Concept Histone-Lysine N-Methyltransferase
Academic Article How chromatin-binding modules interpret histone modifications: lessons from professional pocket pickers.
Academic Article Multivalent engagement of chromatin modifications by linked binding modules.
Academic Article Histone H3 recognition and presentation by the WDR5 module of the MLL1 complex.
Academic Article Multiple interactions recruit MLL1 and MLL1 fusion proteins to the HOXA9 locus in leukemogenesis.
Academic Article Methylation of lysine 4 on histone H3: intricacy of writing and reading a single epigenetic mark.
Academic Article Recognition of a mononucleosomal histone modification pattern by BPTF via multivalent interactions.
Academic Article The United States of histone ubiquitylation and methylation.
Academic Article Validation of histone-binding partners by peptide pull-downs and isothermal titration calorimetry.
Academic Article Regulation of MLL1 H3K4 methyltransferase activity by its core components.
Academic Article Recombinant antibodies to histone post-translational modifications.
Academic Article Traceless semisynthesis of a set of histone 3 species bearing specific lysine methylation marks.
Academic Article Calibrating ChIP-Seq with Nucleosomal Internal Standards to Measure Histone Modification Density Genome Wide.
Academic Article An Interactive Database for the Assessment of Histone Antibody Specificity.
Academic Article Antigen clasping by two antigen-binding sites of an exceptionally specific antibody for histone methylation.
Grant Biochemical discovery of new epigenetic pathways linked to leukemia
Grant Calibrated ChIP-seq: determining local histone modification density genome-wide
Academic Article Examining the Roles of H3K4 Methylation States with Systematically Characterized Antibodies.
Academic Article Quantitative and Structural Assessment of Histone Methyllysine Analogue Engagement by Cognate Binding Proteins Reveals Affinity Decrements Relative to Those of Native Counterparts.
Academic Article A Mutation in Histone H2B Represents a New Class of Oncogenic Driver.
Academic Article Native internally calibrated chromatin immunoprecipitation for quantitative studies of histone post-translational modifications.
Academic Article Epigenetic homogeneity in histone methylation underlies sperm programming for embryonic transcription.
Academic Article Non-canonical H3K79me2-dependent pathways promote the survival of MLL-rearranged leukemia.

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