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Academic Article Evolution of increased complexity in a molecular machine.
Academic Article Evolution of the androgen receptor: structure-function implications.
Academic Article Evolution of a new function by degenerative mutation in cephalochordate steroid receptors.
Academic Article An evolvable oestrogen receptor activity sensor: development of a modular system for integrating multiple genes into the yeast genome.
Academic Article Evolution of DNA specificity in a transcription factor family produced a new gene regulatory module.
Academic Article Structural analyses reveal phosphatidyl inositols as ligands for the NR5 orphan receptors SF-1 and LRH-1.
Academic Article Evolution of steroid receptors from an estrogen-sensitive ancestral receptor.
Academic Article The interface of protein structure, protein biophysics, and molecular evolution.
Academic Article Protein evolution by molecular tinkering: diversification of the nuclear receptor superfamily from a ligand-dependent ancestor.
Academic Article Crystal structure of an ancient protein: evolution by conformational epistasis.
Academic Article Biophysical mechanisms for large-effect mutations in the evolution of steroid hormone receptors.
Academic Article No magic pill for phylogenetic error.
Academic Article Thermodynamic system drift in protein evolution.
Academic Article Mechanistic approaches to the study of evolution: the functional synthesis.
Academic Article An epistatic ratchet constrains the direction of glucocorticoid receptor evolution.
Academic Article Vestigialization of an allosteric switch: genetic and structural mechanisms for the evolution of constitutive activity in a steroid hormone receptor.
Academic Article A mixed branch length model of heterotachy improves phylogenetic accuracy.
Academic Article Evolution of vertebrate steroid receptors from an ancestral estrogen receptor by ligand exploitation and serial genome expansions.
Academic Article Historical contingency and its biophysical basis in glucocorticoid receptor evolution.
Academic Article Mechanisms for the evolution of a derived function in the ancestral glucocorticoid receptor.
Academic Article Evolution of hormone-receptor complexity by molecular exploitation.
Academic Article Is there a star tree paradox?
Academic Article Analyzing protein structure and function using ancestral gene reconstruction.
Academic Article Evolution of minimal specificity and promiscuity in steroid hormone receptors.
Academic Article The Octopus vulgaris estrogen receptor is a constitutive transcriptional activator: evolutionary and functional implications.
Academic Article Resurrecting the ancestral steroid receptor: ancient origin of estrogen signaling.
Academic Article Intermolecular epistasis shaped the function and evolution of an ancient transcription factor and its DNA binding sites.
Academic Article Evolution of an ancient protein function involved in organized multicellularity in animals.
Academic Article Epistasis in protein evolution.
Academic Article Robustness of Reconstructed Ancestral Protein Functions to Statistical Uncertainty.
Academic Article Reconstructing Ancient Proteins to Understand the Causes of Structure and Function.
Academic Article Alternative evolutionary histories in the sequence space of an ancient protein.
Academic Article Evolution of protein specificity: insights from ancestral protein reconstruction.
Academic Article Multinucleotide mutations cause false inferences of lineage-specific positive selection.
Academic Article Pervasive contingency and entrenchment in a billion years of Hsp90 evolution.
Academic Article A second estrogen receptor from Japanese lamprey (Lethenteron japonicum) does not have activities for estrogen binding and transcription.
Academic Article Ancient mechanisms for the evolution of the bicoid homeodomain's function in fly development.
Academic Article Origin of complexity in haemoglobin evolution.
Academic Article A hydrophobic ratchet entrenches molecular complexes.
Academic Article Contingency and chance erase necessity in the experimental evolution of ancestral proteins.
Academic Article Molecular and structural basis of olfactory sensory neuron axon coalescence by Kirrel receptors.
Academic Article Epistatic drift causes gradual decay of predictability in protein evolution.
Academic Article Simple mechanisms for the evolution of protein complexity.
Grant Deep characterization of the sequence space and evolutionary trajectories of reconstructed ancestral proteins - Resubmission 01
Grant Experimental evolution of ligand-receptor relationships
Academic Article Evolutionary Shortcuts via Multinucleotide Substitutions and Their Impact on Natural Selection Analyses.
Academic Article Epistasis facilitates functional evolution in an ancient transcription factor.
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