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Concept Receptors, Steroid
Academic Article Evolution of a new function by degenerative mutation in cephalochordate steroid receptors.
Academic Article Evolution of DNA specificity in a transcription factor family produced a new gene regulatory module.
Academic Article Evolution of steroid receptors from an estrogen-sensitive ancestral receptor.
Academic Article Lamprey endocrinology is not ancestral.
Academic Article Biophysical mechanisms for large-effect mutations in the evolution of steroid hormone receptors.
Academic Article Vestigialization of an allosteric switch: genetic and structural mechanisms for the evolution of constitutive activity in a steroid hormone receptor.
Academic Article Evolution of vertebrate steroid receptors from an ancestral estrogen receptor by ligand exploitation and serial genome expansions.
Academic Article Evolution of hormone-receptor complexity by molecular exploitation.
Academic Article Analyzing protein structure and function using ancestral gene reconstruction.
Academic Article Evolution of minimal specificity and promiscuity in steroid hormone receptors.
Academic Article Resurrecting the ancestral steroid receptor: ancient origin of estrogen signaling.
Academic Article Alternative evolutionary histories in the sequence space of an ancient protein.
Academic Article A hydrophobic ratchet entrenches molecular complexes.
Academic Article Epistatic drift causes gradual decay of predictability in protein evolution.
Grant Mechanisms for the evolution of novel DNA specificity in a transcription factor f
Grant Experimental and structural evolution of hormone receptors
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