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Concept Physician-Patient Relations
Academic Article An assessment of US physicians' training in religion, spirituality, and medicine.
Academic Article Obstetrician-gynecologist physicians' beliefs about emergency contraception: a national survey.
Academic Article Third-year medical students' participation in and perceptions of unprofessional behaviors.
Academic Article Moral controversy, directive counsel, and the doctor's role: findings from a national survey of obstetrician-gynecologists.
Academic Article Substituted judgment in principle and practice: a national physician survey.
Academic Article Providing guidance to patients: physicians' views about the relative responsibilities of doctors and religious communities.
Academic Article A spiritual problem? Primary care physicians' and psychiatrists' interpretations of medically unexplained symptoms.
Academic Article Limits and responsibilities of physicians addressing spiritual suffering in terminally ill patients.
Academic Article Directive counsel and morally controversial medical decision-making: findings from two national surveys of primary care physicians.
Academic Article US primary care physicians' opinions about conscientious refusal: a national vignette experiment.
Academic Article Project on the Good Physician: A Proposal for a Moral Intuitionist Model of Virtuous Caring.
Academic Article US Physicians Overwhelmingly Endorse Hospice as the Better Option for Most Patients at the End of Life.
Academic Article Courage and Compassion: Virtues in Caring for So-Called "Difficult" Patients.
Academic Article Physician Perspectives on Long-Term Relationships and Friendships with Patients: A National Assessment.
Academic Article Physicians' Religious Characteristics and Their Perceptions of the Psychological Impact of Patient Prayer and Beliefs at the End of Life: A National Survey.
Academic Article Physicians' Opinions on Engaging Patients' Religious and Spiritual Concerns: A National Survey.
Academic Article Moral Controversy and Working with Colleagues with a Shared Ethical/Moral Outlook: A National Survey of US Primary Care Physicians.

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