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overview Our laboratory investigates the roles of virus-host interactions in replication and pathogenesis. We study RNA viruses, including hepatitis C virus, dengue virus, Zika virus, and noroviruses. These are medically important viruses, causing cirrhosis/liver cancer, hemorrhagic fever, birth defects, and severe GI disease, respectively. We have identified ~100 host cofactors of viral replication. We now study the importance of these cellular genes in diverse steps of the viral life cycle, including entry, the regulation of viral protein translation and RNA replication, modulation of cellular lipid metabolism, the establishment of viral replication complexes, the secretion of infectious virus, and control of infection by the innate immune system.

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Concept RNA Replicase
Concept RNA, Viral
Concept RNA Viruses
Concept RNA
Concept RNA Interference
Concept RNA-Binding Protein EWS
Concept RNA-Binding Proteins
Concept RNA Helicases
Concept RNA, Messenger
Concept DEAD-box RNA Helicases
Concept RNA, Small Interfering
Concept RNA Virus Infections
Concept Sequence Analysis, RNA
Academic Article Clearance of replicating hepatitis C virus replicon RNAs in cell culture by small interfering RNAs.
Academic Article Interfering with hepatitis C virus RNA replication.
Academic Article RNA interference and single particle tracking analysis of hepatitis C virus endocytosis.
Academic Article Roles for endocytic trafficking and phosphatidylinositol 4-kinase III alpha in hepatitis C virus replication.
Academic Article Possibilities for RNA interference in developing hepatitis C virus therapeutics.
Academic Article A physical interaction network of dengue virus and human proteins.
Academic Article Dengue virus and autophagy.
Academic Article Lipids at the interface of virus-host interactions.
Academic Article Cellular cofactors affecting hepatitis C virus infection and replication.
Academic Article Transcription of the derepressed open reading frame P of herpes simplex virus 1 precludes the expression of the antisense gamma(1)34.5 gene and may account for the attenuation of the mutant virus.
Academic Article Dengue virus nonstructural protein 3 redistributes fatty acid synthase to sites of viral replication and increases cellular fatty acid synthesis.
Academic Article EWSR1 binds the hepatitis C virus cis-acting replication element and is required for efficient viral replication.
Academic Article Daclatasvir inhibits hepatitis C virus NS5A motility and hyper-accumulation of phosphoinositides.
Academic Article Identification and comparative analysis of hepatitis C virus-host cell protein interactions.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal analysis of hepatitis C virus infection.
Academic Article Hepatitis C virus replication compartment formation: mechanism and drug target.
Academic Article Positive-strand RNA viruses stimulate host phosphatidylcholine synthesis at viral replication sites.
Academic Article (+) RNA virus replication compartments: a safe home for (most) viral replication.
Academic Article RNA triphosphatase DUSP11 enables exonuclease XRN-mediated restriction of hepatitis C virus.
Academic Article Identification of microRNAs of the herpesvirus family.
Academic Article Host Lipids in Positive-Strand RNA Virus Genome Replication.

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