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Concept Disease Models, Animal
Academic Article Preterm fetal hypoxia-ischemia causes hypertonia and motor deficits in the neonatal rabbit: a model for human cerebral palsy?
Academic Article White matter injury correlates with hypertonia in an animal model of cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Model of cerebral palsy in the perinatal rabbit.
Academic Article Selective neuronal nitric oxide synthase inhibitors and the prevention of cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Hypoxia-ischemia causes persistent movement deficits in a perinatal rabbit model of cerebral palsy: assessed by a new swim test.
Academic Article Tetrahydrobiopterin in the prevention of hypertonia in hypoxic fetal brain.
Academic Article A model of cerebral palsy from fetal hypoxia-ischemia.
Academic Article Motor deficits are triggered by reperfusion-reoxygenation injury as diagnosed by MRI and by a mechanism involving oxidants.
Academic Article Intrauterine fetal demise can be remote from the inciting insult in an animal model of hypoxia-ischemia.
Academic Article Antenatal insults modify newborn olfactory function by nitric oxide produced from neuronal nitric oxide synthase.
Academic Article Elevated spinal monoamine neurotransmitters after antenatal hypoxia-ischemia in rabbit cerebral palsy model.
Academic Article A Critical Review of Models of Perinatal Infection.
Academic Article Human Umbilical Cord Blood Cells Ameliorate Motor Deficits in Rabbits in a Cerebral Palsy Model.
Academic Article Effect of Antibiotic Use Within First 48 Hours of Life on the Preterm Infant Microbiome: A Randomized Clinical Trial.
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