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Concept Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Concept Magnetics
Concept Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Characterization of the cerebral distribution of general anesthetics in vivo by two-dimensional 19F chemical shift imaging.
Academic Article Removal of intravoxel dephasing artifact in gradient-echo images using a field-map based RF refocusing technique.
Academic Article In vitro 1H and 31P NMR spectroscopic evidence of multiple aberrant biochemical pathways in murine trisomy 16 brain development.
Academic Article Correction for EPI distortions using multi-echo gradient-echo imaging.
Academic Article Monitoring of brain water by chemical shift imaging during ammonia-induced brain swelling in rats after portacaval anastomosis.
Academic Article In vitro proton and phosphorus NMR spectroscopic analysis of murine (C57Bl/6J) brain development.
Academic Article fMRI of the conscious rabbit during unilateral classical eyeblink conditioning reveals bilateral cerebellar activation.
Academic Article Impaired eyeblink conditioning and decreased hippocampal volume in PDAPP V717F mice.
Academic Article Functional magnetic resonance imaging in the awake rabbit: a system for stimulus presentation and response detection during eyeblink conditioning.
Academic Article Developmental changes in diffusion anisotropy coincide with immature oligodendrocyte progression and maturation of compound action potential.
Academic Article 19F in vivo NMR spectroscopy: a new technique to probe fluorinated anesthetic-tissue interactions.
Academic Article Novel non-invasive probes for measuring tumor-hypoxia by 19F-magnetic resonance spectroscopy (19F-MRS). Studies in the SCCVII/C3H murine model.
Academic Article White matter injury correlates with hypertonia in an animal model of cerebral palsy.
Academic Article Advanced magnetic resonance imaging of cerebral cavernous malformations: part II. Imaging of lesions in murine models.
Academic Article A fiber optic-based system for behavioral eyeblink measurement in a MRI environment.
Academic Article Sensory deficits and olfactory system injury detected by novel application of MEMRI in newborn rabbit after antenatal hypoxia-ischemia.
Academic Article Proton nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy of plasma lipoproteins in head and neck cancer patients.
Academic Article A MRI-compatible system for whisker stimulation.
Academic Article Determination of halothane distribution in the rat head using 19F NMR technique.
Academic Article Visualization of mouse pancreas architecture using MR microscopy.
Academic Article In vivo 19F-NMR study of halothane distribution in brain.
Academic Article In vivo 19F-NMR spectroscopic study of halothane uptake in rabbit brain.
Academic Article 1H nmr study on the binding of CMP inhibitors to RNase A. 3. Chemical exchange and relaxation effects.
Academic Article A 31P NMR study of phosphoenolpyruvate transport across the human erythrocyte membrane.
Academic Article 31p NMR study on the binding of 3'-cytidine monophosphate to ribonuclease A. Part I.
Academic Article In vivo 19F one-dimensional chemical shift imaging study of isoflurane uptake in rabbit brain.
Academic Article In vivo 19F-NMR study of isoflurane elimination from brain.
Academic Article 1-H nuclear magnetic resonance study on the binding of cytidine monophosphate inhibitors to ribonuclease A.
Academic Article Noninvasive observations of fluorinated anesthetics in rabbit brain by fluorine-19 nuclear magnetic resonance.
Academic Article Multiple environments of fluorinated anesthetics in intact tissues observed with 19F NMR spectroscopy.
Academic Article Quantitative 19F NMR study of trifluorothymidine metabolism in rat brain.
Academic Article fMRI of visual system activation in the conscious rabbit.
Academic Article Cerebral metabolism of fluorodeoxyglucose measured with 19F NMR spectroscopy.
Academic Article Functional magnetic resonance imaging of delay and trace eyeblink conditioning in the primary visual cortex of the rabbit.
Academic Article Interaction of uridine and cytidine monophosphates with ribonuclease A. IV. Phosphorus-31 nuclear magnetic resonance studies.
Academic Article Advanced magnetic resonance imaging of cerebral cavernous malformations: part I. High-field imaging of excised human lesions.
Academic Article Unsupervised spatiotemporal fMRI data analysis using support vector machines.
Academic Article Mapping rabbit whisker barrels using discriminant analysis of high field fMRI data.
Academic Article Automatic segmentation of amyloid plaques in MR images using unsupervised support vector machines.
Academic Article Volume effect of localized injection in functional MRI and electrophysiology.
Academic Article Periprostatic adipose tissue from obese prostate cancer patients promotes tumor and endothelial cell proliferation: a functional and MR imaging pilot study.
Academic Article Design of an MR image processing module on an FPGA chip.
Academic Article MRS measured fatty acid composition of periprostatic adipose tissue correlates with pathological measures of prostate cancer aggressiveness.
Academic Article Effects of anesthesia on BOLD signal and neuronal activity in the somatosensory cortex.
Academic Article Eyeblink classical conditioning and BOLD fMRI of anesthesia-induced changes in the developing brain.
Academic Article Blood oxygenation level dependent signal and neuronal adaptation to optogenetic and sensory stimulation in somatosensory cortex in awake animals.
Academic Article Brain Biomarkers in Familial Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Models.
Academic Article A multifunction digital receiver suitable for real-time frequency detection and compensation in fast magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Role of the inhibitory system in shaping the BOLD fMRI response.
Academic Article Correlation of Placental Magnetic Resonance Imaging With Histopathologic Diagnosis: Detection of Aberrations in Structure and Water Diffusivity.
Academic Article Effects of neonatal isoflurane anesthesia exposure on learning-specific and sensory systems in adults.
Concept Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Grant 9.4Tesla/310mm MR Imaging and Spectroscopy System
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