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Concept Brain Diseases
Concept Hypoxia, Brain
Concept Brain Concussion
Concept Brain Injuries
Concept Brain
Concept Brain Chemistry
Concept Brain Injury, Chronic
Concept Deep Brain Stimulation
Academic Article Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in an Iraqi war veteran with posttraumatic stress disorder who committed suicide.
Academic Article Lateral hypothalamic area deep brain stimulation for refractory obesity: a pilot study with preliminary data on safety, body weight, and energy metabolism.
Academic Article Neuroprotection for the warrior: dietary supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids.
Academic Article Sports-related neurosurgical injuries.
Academic Article Models of mild traumatic brain injury: translation of physiological and anatomic injury.
Academic Article The history of neurosurgical treatment of sports concussion.
Academic Article Long-term results after fractionated radiation therapy for large brain arteriovenous malformations.
Academic Article The potential for DHA to mitigate mild traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Role of subconcussion in repetitive mild traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Recurrent concussion and risk of depression in retired professional football players.
Academic Article Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in a professional American wrestler.
Academic Article Emerging histomorphologic phenotypes of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in American athletes.
Academic Article Association between recurrent concussion and late-life cognitive impairment in retired professional football players.
Academic Article Elucidating the severity of preclinical traumatic brain injury models: a role for functional assessment?
Academic Article Frequency, magnitude, and distribution of head impacts in Pop Warner football: the cumulative burden.
Academic Article In the absence of diagnosed concussion in collegiate contact sport athletes, a relationship is suggested between the effects of head impact exposure, white matter diffusivity measures and cognition.
Academic Article PET scanning of brain tau in retired national football league players: preliminary findings.
Academic Article Chronic traumatic encephalopathy, suicides and parasuicides in professional American athletes: the role of the forensic pathologist.
Academic Article Surviving a mine explosion.
Academic Article Calculation of isoeffective doses and the alpha/beta value by comparing results following radiosurgery and radiotherapy for arteriovenous malformations of the brain.
Academic Article Cumulative effects of repetitive mild traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article In vivo characterization of chronic traumatic encephalopathy using [F-18]FDDNP PET brain imaging.
Academic Article Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) in a National Football League Player: Case report and emerging medicolegal practice questions.
Academic Article Age of first exposure to football and later-life cognitive impairment in former NFL players.
Academic Article Sports-related concussions: diagnosis, complications, and current management strategies.
Academic Article The Impact of Traumatic Brain Injury on the Aging Brain.
Academic Article Evaluation of the protective capacity of baseball helmets for concussive impacts.
Academic Article Statements of Agreement From the Targeted Evaluation and Active Management (TEAM) Approaches to Treating Concussion Meeting Held in Pittsburgh, October 15-16, 2015.
Academic Article Effect of Internal Jugular Vein Compression on Intracranial Hemorrhage in a Porcine Controlled Cortical Impact Model.
Academic Article A systematic review of potential long-term effects of sport-related concussion.
Concept Brain Injuries, Traumatic
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