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Concept Immunoglobulin kappa-Chains
Academic Article Somatic hypermutation of an artificial test substrate within an Ig kappa transgene.
Academic Article A hypermutable insert in an immunoglobulin transgene contains hotspots of somatic mutation and sequences predicting highly stable structures in the RNA transcript.
Academic Article Mutation pattern of immunoglobulin transgenes is compatible with a model of somatic hypermutation in which targeting of the mutator is linked to the direction of DNA replication.
Academic Article Transgenic mice with mu and kappa genes encoding antiphosphorylcholine antibodies.
Academic Article Somatic hypermutation of an immunoglobulin transgene in kappa transgenic mice.
Academic Article Alteration of the B cell surface phenotype, immune response to phosphocholine and the B cell repertoire in M167 mu plus kappa transgenic mice.
Academic Article Misalignment of V and J gene segments resulting in a nonfunctional immunoglobulin gene.
Academic Article Comparison of different rearranged immunoglobulin kappa genes of a myeloma by electronmicroscopy and restriction mapping of cloned DNA: implications for "allelic exclusion".
Academic Article Allelic exclusion and control of endogenous immunoglobulin gene rearrangement in kappa transgenic mice.
Academic Article Ig lambda-producing B cells do not show feedback inhibition of gene rearrangement.
Academic Article Analysis of immunoglobulin genes: DNA/RNA hybridization with immunoglobulin kappa-chain mRNA and isolation and translation of hybridized RNA.
Academic Article Direct demonstration of immunoglobulin kappa chain RNA in thymus T cells by in situ hybridization.
Academic Article Sequences related to immunoglobulin kappa chain messenger RNA in T cells.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin gene 'remnant' DNA--implications for antibody gene recombination.
Academic Article Somatic mutation of immunoglobulin light-chain variable-region genes.
Academic Article Association of two different repetitive DNA elements near immunoglobulin light chain genes.
Academic Article Expression, allelic exclusion and somatic mutation of mouse immunoglobulin kappa genes.
Academic Article Transgenic mice with immunoglobulin genes.
Academic Article Heterogeneity of the 3' portion of sequences related to immunoglobulin kappa-chain mRNA.
Academic Article Myeloma with multiple rearranged immunoglobulin kappa genes: only one kappa gene codes for kappa chains.
Academic Article Expression of a microinjected immunoglobulin gene in the spleen of transgenic mice.
Academic Article RNA sequences homologous to the 3' portion of immunoglobulin alpha-chain mRNA in thymus-derived lymphocytes.
Academic Article Expression of lambda and kappa genes can occur in all B cells and is initiated around the same pre-B-cell developmental stage.
Academic Article Immunoglobulin gamma 2b transgenes inhibit heavy chain gene rearrangement, but cannot promote B cell development.
Academic Article Rearranged and germline immunoglobulin kappa genes: different states of DNase I sensitivity of constant kappa genes in immunocompetent and nonimmune cells.
Academic Article The 3' Igkappa enhancer contains RNA polymerase II promoters: implications for endogenous and transgenic kappa gene expression.
Academic Article Inhibition of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement by the expression of a lambda 2 transgene.
Academic Article High-frequency deletional rearrangement of immunoglobulin kappa gene segments introduced into a pre-B-cell line.
Academic Article Feedback inhibition of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement by membrane mu, but not by secreted mu heavy chains.
Academic Article Pre-B cells in kappa-transgenic mice.
Academic Article High expression of cloned immunoglobulin kappa gene in transgenic mice is restricted to B lymphocytes.
Academic Article Mapping of immunoglobulin variable region genes: relationship to the 'deletion' model of immunoglobulin gene rearrangement.
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